Vintage Inspired Tulip Table Designs

June 05, 2018

Vintage Inspired Tulip Table Designs

The vintage style is a culmination of nostalgia and personality all wrapped up in a single, kitschy package. Most of the interior design elements used in this style are positively retro in aesthetic, which is why you always need at least one modern object to spice up the overall ambiance. The Tulip Table may have been conceived and produced in 1957, but its visuals are timeless enough to be considered the height of modern chic even today. So further, we’ll be taking a look at 8 ways you can use the Tulip Table to glam up your vintage style interiors.

Classic tradition

Most vintage interiors feature a combination of white, black and brown color schemes, and this one is no exception. However, the variation of different design elements gives this whole setting an extra oomph. The Turkish rug looks absolutely gorgeous as the backdrop of the white Tulip Table, which is surrounded by a plethora of mismatched chairs. The pendent lights and wall sconces provide an interesting ambiance while is complemented by the beautifully sculpted wainscoting and black wall paint.

With a rustic edge

You can definitely introduce a classy rustic edge in your vintage style interiors by tweaking the ceiling to imitate a cottage style setting like this one. The peripheral intervention of the beamed wooden ceiling and the classic Oriental rug provides a nice canvas to set up the modern Tulip Table. Topped off with a beautiful pendent light, the whole ambiance looks even more stunning by pairing the table up with the delicate wooden chairs. The overall design is full of character and brimming with understated elegance.

Bring on the shabby-chic

Want to add a classy heirloom quality to your interior designs? Then this dining nook would be the perfect inspiration for you. The wooden textured ceiling and herringbone patterned floor topped off with a colorful Oriental rug provide the perfect placement for the contemporary style Tulip Table. Surrounded by a collection of beautiful vintage chair and topped off with beautiful traditional baubles, the whole setting looks positively gorgeous. The undertones of shabby-chic provide this vintage style set-up an even more sophisticated appeal.

Backdrop of royal blue

This vintage style interior design features hint of classy, modern touches. The blue backdrop looks positively stunning as the backdrop for both the map-themed statement art and the beautiful centerpiece Tulip Table. The wooden highlights provided by the backdrop furniture ensure an authentic vintage appeal, while the mismatched collage of chairs surrounding the Tulip Table make for an interesting design element of its own.

Going stylistic

This vintage interior design features a hardcore stylistic expression with the Tulip Table acting as the focal point of the whole setting. The Murano-inspired dream-catcher style chandelier enforces the Tulip Table as the center of attention, while the rest of the brown and white décor merges in the background. The subtle, trendy mouldings coupled with the herringbone style floors and bare windows make for an interesting backdrop that make this whole space look extremely attractive.


This vintage style interior design features some interesting industrial highlights. The exposed brick wall makes for a nice backdrop for the Tulip Table, while the chrome plated appliances in the backdrop complement its modern aesthetic. The Eames Eiffel chairs that accompany the table provide a wonderful stylistic contrast to the whole setting, while the subtle wooden highlights used in the rest of the interior design emphasize the vintage appeal of the whole ambiance.

Going for retro undertones

The vintage appeal of this dining area comes from the use of funky chairs. The style is pretty reminiscent of the furniture revolution of the late twentieth century. The retro-inspired trendy aesthetic of these chairs is the perfect backdrop to the Tulip Table set up as the centerpiece. The wooden flooring, the beautiful vintage artwork and the evocative drop chandelier hanging just above the table all make for a unique and distinguished aesthetic. The overall design of this entire space is truly an inspiration for all those working towards something individual.

Vintage cozy

This comfortable vintage inspired nook used the Tulip Table as the centerpiece to inspire a hygge-like comfort with a tinge of modern in the mix. The cozy little nook is brimming with character and personality. From the quaint little woven area rug to the doll-like chairs surrounding the table, each and every aspect of this space is the perfect representation of an English-vintage aesthetic. The overall ambiance is extremely soothing, and one can simply relax in one of these deep-seat chairs while enjoying the views outside with a warm cup of coffee.

These are an assortment of various vintage styled interior designs that have used the Tulip Table to introduce a modern edge within their nostalgic appeal. We hope some of these ideas inspire you to come up with your own unique vintage set-up.

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