June 04, 2018 4 min read

The furniture you choose for your bedroom can end up defining the very aesthetics of your space. If you have a certain style of interior design in mind, then the furniture can definitely help you invoke it.
The ‘luxury’ aesthetic is extremely coveted, and there are quite a few variables and styles you can emulate to invoke it. However, luxury bedroom furniture comes in many shapes and forms – from the cool, subdued austerity of modern luxury to the classic interference of Victorian or other classic styles, luxury can be emulated through all sorts of furniture styles. Here are some of the top luxury bedroom furniture sets you can take inspiration from.

Classic novelty

Injecting a classical touch in mostly modern furniture is one of the most adventurous was you can emulate luxury in any kind of furniture. So the bedroom set in this image is the perfect example of how you can take a modern frame, finish or material and imbue a classic beauty in it with the help of some small interventions like tufting, accessorizing and even the selection of the right drawer knobs. Moreover, the all-white color scheme of this luxury bedroom set evokes a truly dichotomous modern-classic vibe that is both stunning and austere.

Modern antiquity

Antiques have a certain vintage appeal that makes them look like timeless classics. However, when you merge this aesthetic with a bit of modernity, you get something completely different and unique. This image features a beautiful modern vintage furniture set – the deep, rich wooden tones evoke a nostalgic vibe, but the sleek, straight and clean lines give it a decidedly modern edge. It’s the perfect furniture set to give your bedroom a personality makeover with panache.

In-built headboards

In-built headboards are an ode to contemporary luxury. They usually take over an entire wall right behind the bed, and act as a central focal point. These headboards can be designed to complement the overall ambiance of the room, and you can match your bedroom furniture style to it as well. You can either go for simple laminate or wooden cladding, or you can even go for a personalized tufting style to make the whole set-up look customized.

Sleek and simple

The modern way of emulating luxury in any interior design is by evoking a clean, simple and austere aesthetic. There are zero frou-frou accoutrements and very few decorations. The furniture for such kind of a bedroom is supposed to be just as clean and sophisticated. The color scheme can be a rich monochromatic with a touch of simplicity by design. The functionality can be emphasized while the design is supposed to be kept minimal.

50 shades of royal

Choosing the right color-scheme for your bedroom furniture is another great way to emulate luxury within the space. Lavender, mauve and plum are the classic shades to bring in a sense of royalty within your rooms. This suede-clad bed, side tables and sofa-chair are the perfect example of how the careful combination of colors and materials can make any bedroom look effortlessly luxurious.

Contemporary Luxury

Contemporary furniture is always very distinctive and unique. It sets the stage for basic individuality and is the perfect canvas to emulate luxury in your bedrooms. The flamboyant and atypical design of contemporary furniture calls for an unconventional bedroom design setting. In fact, this image shows a great example of how even a simple cotemporary style bed can completely redefine the parameters of a typical bedroom by imbuing more of class, expression and customization within a space.

Going compact

Luxury does not mean that you get to overlook respecting the context of your bedroom. Most homes these days suffer from a shortage of real-estate, so bedrooms have been becoming smaller and smaller. So one of the best ways to emulate luxury within your spaces is by investing in compact and smart bedroom furniture. While murphy beds are so last decade, you can go for interesting alternatives where the top half of the bed can be hinged up to reveal a smart storage compartment to keep all the clutter and essentials out of sight.

Minimalistic luxury

Minimalism is a way of life, and you can use its starkness, pragmatism and simplicity to evoke an austere sort of luxury through your bedroom furniture. The compact beset with the floating bed and simple, attached side-tables is an excellent way file a luxurious vibe within the whole setting. The simplicity of the furniture features a straightforwardness that is extremely appealing to the eye and may as well be the royal-act for simpletons.

Victorian all the way

The stylistic expression of this classical style bedroom furniture is one of the greatest ode to timeless luxury there ever was. The gold trimming is inherently opulent, while the classic tufting n the headboard is decidedly deluxe. The old-school delivery of the overall aesthetic is quite trendy, and the cream colored fabric that makes up most of the design looks absolutely gorgeous.


Four poster beds are, were and always have been the pinnacle of luxury bedroom furniture. Although they vary in styles, the basic concept never fails to evoke ones imagination to large castles and princess’ canopy beds. Even today, such beds are the height of classic chic, and given the size of bedroom, may look decidedly royal in them.

These are the top 10 luxury bedroom furniture ideas you can take inspiration from. From the selection colors and fabric to the style, you can simply select which factor suits your ambiance the best.