February 07, 2018 4 min read

About Andrea Lucatello

Andrea Lucatello is a contemporary industrial designer who resides and works in Treviso. He’s an all-rounder with years of professional experience which has determined his strong foundation of creativity and design.  He’s a master of processing techniques and composite materials – two highly feasible qualities one needs to have in order to be an effective product designer.

Lucatello’s professional game is highly recognized. He’s been awarded the ‘Top Ten 2001’ award at the International Chair Exhibition and has been mentioned in several renowned publications. His avant-garde designs are appreciated by designers and general public alike, and are always in high demand.


The Hanging Bed

The Hanging Bed – also known as the Dylan Designer Bed – is a one-of-a-kind furniture piece that is sure to be an absolute stand-out in the midst of typical conventionality. It’s unique, futuristic and highly creative. Designed by Andrea Lucatello, the ‘floating bed’ has been specifically designed to redefine the center-piece quality of a prototypical bed design. 

Its illusory quality of a floating aesthetic is what sets the Hanging Bed apart. However, despite this illusion, the bed is actually balanced on four legs and is perfectly safe and sound to sleep, sit and even bounce on. The Hanging Bed is manufactured in Italy by Cattelan Italia, and is the best piece to give your modern bedrooms a spruced up, interesting and distinguished aesthetic. 


Design Concept of The Hanging Bed

Most furniture products are articulated from abstract concepts. In case of the Hanging Bed by Andrea Lucatello, the basic idea behind the execution was inspired by extreme engineering, rigorous geometry and the basic laws of physics.

As the end product entails, the whole aesthetic of this furniture piece is quite extraordinary and innovative. Half of the bed-frame seems like it is floating or suspended in thin air. It instantly captures the eye and makes one wonder how it is actually standing straight without see-sawing to the side. The Hanging Bed is a testament to Lucatello’s genius designing, and an ode to exquisite Italian taste.


The Physics Of The Hanging Bed

The Hanging Bed actually stands on four legs that have been strategically positioned to remain out of clear sight of the observer. To a general audience, it seems like half the bed is hanging in the air, but it’s the clever positioning of the feet that provide this product a ‘floating’ effect. This science behind the actual execution is absolutely brilliant and artistic at the same time. The innovative structure is a signature of originality and creativity with a touch of exquisite, luxurious and contemporary tastes.


Pragmatics of The Hanging Bed

The Hanging Bed is available in three different sizes – the queen size, the king size and the California king size. Moreover, this bed is entirely upholstered in a variety of options. You can choose from 24 eco leather colors that are top-notch in quality and durability. The top grain genuine Italian soft leather gives the whole piece a look and feel of posh luxury and is available in a whopping 36 colors.

The entire make of the Hanging Bed comprises of upholstered fabric that spans the bed headboard, synthetic nubuck, micro nubuck, synthetic leather or soft leather as per the customized requirements of the user. The solid timber frame is propped up with four stylish steel feet. The steel slats that make up the feet of this bed are chromed and complement the stylish physique of the bed quite well.

DYLAN Upholstered double bed

The Aesthetic Quality Of The Hanging Bed

The structure, concept and geometry of the Hanging Bed are only part of its appeal. Its overall aesthetic when it comes to placement and visual quality are another matter. Overall, the Hanging Bed by Andrea Lucatello is a fashion-forward product – timeless and unique enough to always be relevant and never go out of style no matter what the surrounding interior design style is. 

Its cantilevered physique make it the ultimate showpiece – the focal point of any contemporary bedroom. Its clean, geometrical lines are highly contemporary and appear to be the height of trendy chic. Each curve and line represent a dynamic movement that keeps the eye moving from one aspect of the design to another. 

DYLAN Upholstered double bed

Why Choose The Hanging Bed?

The Hanging Bed by Andrea Lucatello is the height of elegant chic. It boasts a totally unique aesthetic that can make any interior design instantly impressionable and memorable. The cantilevered aesthetic of this bed makes it an epic showpiece, while its clean geometry is clearly deluxe. Aside from this, here’s why you should go for the Hanging Bed:

  • Sturdy Frame: Despite its ‘floating’ aesthetic, the Hanging Bed is actually quite sturdy. Aside from its 4 camouflaged legs, it has a timber frame with slats to support the mattress. Its delicacy is only limited to visuals, and you can definitely depend on it for longevity and resilience.
  • Creative Aesthetics: Of course the main attraction of the Hanging Bed is definitely its creative looks. Seeing this bed in a full-blown interior setting will surely make one pause and determine how it is standing for a while.
  • Versatile Visuals: The Hanging Bed has a glamorous appeal and some completely versatile visuals. It can complement all manner of interior design styles ranging from modern, minimal and contemporary.

DYLAN Upholstered double bed

Points To Keep In Mind While Ordering The Hanging Bed

Here are some key points to remember while ordering the Hanging Bed by Andrea Lucatello:

  • The Size of Your Room: Since the Hanging Bed is available in 3 different sizes, it’s best to determine which size you’ll choose by appraising the dimensions of your room. For an enormous bedroom, the California king size would be the best. But if your bedroom is medium sized, then go for the queen. 
  • Specifications: The specifications – like the type and color of the leather upholstery – should be carefully consulted. You should match them with the aesthetics and interior design of the room before locking down a final choice. 

The Hanging Bed is definitely a one of a kind piece of furniture, and it’s sure to make any bedroom seem unique and refreshing in both looks as well as pragmatics!