December 19, 2017 4 min read

Kids have a knack of creating a mess and never taking care of it. Usually it drives the parents crazy when they see toys and other knick-knacks spread all throughout their children’s bedroom in a haphazard manner. However, if you make the storage area a fun place, then this chore could easily become one of your kids’ favorite part of the day. Therefore, here are some really amazing storage solutions of your kids’ bedrooms!

The Footboard Design

The footboard of the bed is usually pretty redundant, but you can use it to introduce a crafty storage area in your child’s bedroom. Most people use conventional trunks and put them at the food of the bed to stow away all their kids’ mess. However, you can be as creative as you want to be with the footboard storage unit design. It can be tall, or it can be small, depending on the theme of your child’s bedroom. Moreover, you can also customize the size of each compartment that is built within the storage unit. It’s a visually pleasant and aesthetically pleasing way to design you’re a storage unit for the kids.

Basket central

This storage unit idea is extremely unique as well as attractive. Not only does it feature an excellent way to feature some of your kids’ prized toys and possessions, it is also the perfect size to feature some storage baskets. Each one can be used to systemize what item goes in what compartment. The baskets are sitting on the lowest shelf, making them easily accessible to your small children. This is a creative and aesthetically pleasing storage solution for any kids’ bedroom.

Chalkboard brigade

This storage unit comes with its own set of fun design interventions. While the typical cabinet unit can be used for standard storage, you kids can have some fun with the chalk-board installation that acts as a backsplash of sorts. The open shelf at the top of it is the perfect way to display your munchkin’s artwork. This is a fun, artistic solution that will make sure that both you as well as your kids know how to make the most of that pesky organization time.

Platform Furniture

Platform furniture is the next in line of some trendy furnishings. They’re usually inbuilt and feature customized storage spaces of all manner. They’re low-height and can easily be retrofitted in any bedroom space in the form of a comfortable sofa, bed or even a low-height study desk. You can have one built according to your running interior design aesthetic and style. It’s easily accessible to the kids and you can even use the soft-close technology within the drawer hinges to keep the noise level down.

The Fintorp

When it doubt, just use rails and hooks! This is a smart, portable and easily designed storage solution that will make organizing your kid’s stationary an easy task. Known as the IKEA Fintorp system, this rail-based organizer consists of hooks, wire-baskets and metal caddies. Not only is this system versatile, but it can be used to store any and all small objects that your kids love to collect. So whether it is a huge dossier of color pencils and crayons, or a huge collection of markers, this system can help you battle and organize both.

Use compact furniture

One of the best ways to introduce smart storage solutions for kids is to use them inherently within the furniture itself. This way, you won’t have to go for extra storage units all around the place, making the room feel spacious. This bed is the ultimate example of successful compact furniture. It consists of multiple drawers and spacious cabinets that can be used to store books, toys and whatever it is that your kid loves to collect.


You can build the most comprehensive storage unit in your kids room, but it’s never going to be effective until and unless you kid can access it. This is why, most storage shelves need to be designed according to the anthropometry of the children. This castle themed tiny storage shelf is an excellent example of how accessibility can be emulated in a fun yet functional way. It’s small enough to be easily handled by kids, and is designed in a creative form to make it super attractive for the young ones.

Color coding

Do you know what the best way to make sure your kids know where to put their stuff is? It’s to make sure that the storage you provide in their rooms is color coded. This is why this rainbow themed in-built storage shelf is the perfect storage unit for a kid’s room. It has numerous compartments, and each is a very specific shade of color. With its help, you can teach your children how to systematically organize their toys, books, stationary and more. The pink compartment can be for stuffed toys, the red can be for action figures, blue for books and so on. It’s a fun way to go about organizing your stuff.

These are some amazing and innovative storage solutions that you can implement in your kids room. They’re easy to use, are incredibly pragmatic and would stick for a long time.