June 04, 2018 4 min read

Have you ever wanted to add a subtle traditional touch to your modern interiors without going full-blown classical in design details? It may seem like a struggle, but it’s actually quite easy to accomplish. The Rococo Contemporary mirror is an amazing piece of décor that can lend a backdrop of tradition to your modern interiors in an effortless manner. It’s available in a number of different designs – each frame has its own attraction, and can be customized according to the kind of aesthetic you’re going for within your space. So today, we’ll be sharing 8 creative ways you can traditionalize your modern interiors with the Rococo Contemporary mirror!

Suave black and golden carving

This highly suave modern dining room design has been fully crafted in sleek, bold black tones with a small amount of white touches to add a visual diversity. The whole setting looks incredibly posh, but would have never looked the same had it not been for the Rococo Contemporary mirror that takes center-stage in this design. The gilt-edged elaborate carving of the frame is the perfect amount of traditional to complement the simplicity of the modern aspects. The dual combination of both aesthetics looks absolutely stunning as a whole.

Glamorize your bathrooms

If luxury bathrooms are your thing, then this amazing interior design would be the perfect inspiration for you. The modern ambiance of this bath has been fully decked out in Rococo inspired pastel color scheme. The claw-foot freestanding bathtub is the perfect ode to both function and aesthetic, but it’s the beautiful mirror that completely draws the eye. The intricate carving along the frame is the perfect complement to the rest of the space, while the mirror helps create the illusion of double the space – charming, attractive and regal all at once.

Beautiful consoles

The perfect canvas for hanging your Rococo Contemporary mirror is always a console. The gilded, delicately carved mirror hung above this delicate console is an amazing example of this set-up. The backdrop of neo-classical designing done in all-white creates the perfect, deluxe, understated ambiance to let this furniture combination literally and figuratively shine. The austerity of the whole set-up is creatively traditionalized with the help of strategically placed accessories along with the console-mirror set-up.

Standalone attraction

This living room interior design would have been nothing special had it not been for the careful placement of the iconic, feature-length Rococo Contemporary mirror at its side. The casual confines of the living room are definitely small-style contemporary, but the grand aesthetic of the mirror frame completely transforms the whole ambiance into a semi-formal affair, which would be perfect for entertaining important guests as well. The low-brow meets high-end aesthetic of this space is absolutely brilliant and would be the perfect inspiration for those who’re looking to retain an element of comfort in their spaces without compromising on the visuals.

Headboard inspired

If you’re looking for the most creative way to make your simple bedrooms look entirely grand and glammed up with tradition, then this would be the perfect inspiration for you. The barrel-arch of the Rococo contemporary mirror makes for an amazing headboard, so even with the generally casual style of the whole bed and accompanying furniture, just a small glimpse of this mirror is enough to make the whole space look positively timeless.

Going Baroque

This neo-classical style living room emulates an understated modernity that is embellished by the traditional details added by strategically used accessories and décor. The drop Baltic chandeliers, the candelabras and the Rococo Contemporary mirror all create a blend of unique eclectic ambiance that seems breathtaking. The furniture style is a foreshadowing of contemporary, while the major décor elements have been used to bring out the best of its traditional side.

Embellishing dressers

Standalone dressers are a trendy way to decorate your bedroom with eclectic furnishings. You can even pair them up with freestanding, unique mirror pieces to get the best effect. This vintage style dresser has been paired up with a beautiful slim-framed Rococo Contemporary mirror. The traditional style border looks beautiful with the large mirror, and the low height dresser is a great way to complement its style in an understated, chic manner. This set-up would look perfect in an oversized, under-furnished bedroom inter design.

Go for broke

This Rococo Contemporary mirror is the highlight of this artfully shabby-chic bedroom design. The undercurrent of bohemian is definitely what makes the classical frame of this mirror look even more interesting. However, it is the placement that provides it an edgy appeal. The delicate, marble topped side table laden with accessories creates a nice, lived-in, homely contrast that complements the traditional side of the mirror.

These are some unique ways you can use the Rococo Contemporary mirror to traditionalize your regular old modern interiors. We hope these ideas help you create a trendy, unique aesthetic of your own.