Modern “Flag” Floor Lamp from Cattelan Italia

February 15, 2017

Modern “Flag” Floor Lamp from Cattelan Italia

About Cattelan Italia

One of Italy’s most reknowned furniture manufacturing companies, Cattelan Italia was first founded back in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan. Ever since its conception, the company has continuously delivered some of the most iconic and timelessly contemporary furniture pieces the world has ever seen. Their motto has always been that, “furniture should be a way to experience life and time.” Their innovation and daring has resulted in groundbreaking traditions and the company still thrives by collaborating with some of Italy’s finest product designers.
These days, Cattelan Italia is run and supervised by Paolo Cattelan and even today, 35 years after the company’s emergence, they still collaborate with award winning designers like Emanuele Zenere, Gastone Rinaldi and Yoshino. Today we’ll be looking at one of their bestselling light fixture: the Modern “Flag” Floor Lamp by Emanuele Zenere.

About Emanuele Zenere

Emanule Zenere is a leading Italian designer whose products always feature a unique, customized, idiosyncratic flair. His vision is always innovative and he’s designed some of the best contemporary furniture pieces for top product design companies like Cattelan Italia. His works include a wide variety of furniture designs including lamps, tables, chairs and more.
The basic concept behind each one of Zenere’s works is to play with new shapes and create modern spins on traditionally beloved ideas. As a result, many of his pieces feature quite an eclectic flair that can breathe new life into even the barest, monotonous and boring interior designs. Below, we’ll be looking at the one of his most iconic contributions to the modern furniture industry: the Modern ‘Flag’ Floor Lamp.

The Modern “Flag” Floor Lamp

Manufactured by Cattelan Italia, the Modern ‘Flag’ Floor Lamp is a decidedly simple yet elegent piece that could become a beautiful addition to your homes. Zenere designed these lamps to emulate a high-concept flair and personality that is lacking in most contemporary lamp designs. The adjustable shade coupled with the unusual balance of the whole lamp provides the utmost functional versatility to the whole design and allows you to fix it according to current usage.
The slender body of the lamp stem gently curves into an adjustable shade that is available in a variety of colors – including white, silver, black and red. The overang shade design has been inspired from the wind-blown image of a flag, thus inspiring this floor lamp’s name. Even the long stem is available in red, black or white painted steel – or you can simply opt for a chrome plated finish.

Unique Aspects

The most unique aspect about the whole design of this lamp is its unconventional balance. If you take a close look at the lamp, you’ll notice how the stem is elongated at the front of the curve, which should definitely have some manner of impact on the product’s balance. However, it really doesn’t – instead, the elegantly curved, sleek neck becomes one of the definitive highlights of the whole design.

The Design Concept

The basic concept of the Modern ‘Flag’ Floor Lamp is actually quite literal. Emanuele Zenere envisioned the whole design as a human bending at the waist, which was them translated in quite abstract terms into the actual lamp design. The slender pole with its gentle curves that leads to the shade is quite an accurate depiction of this concept, but one must study the whole thing carefully before coming to this conclusion at all.

What Interior Styles Does It Go Best With?

The understated yet inherently bold design of this floor lamp can become one of the most integral highlights of your interior design. It can make an awesome statement piece that could be paired off with a number of creative furniture choices. The elegant and eye-catching build of this lamp can easily complement any number of ambiances, but here are a few suggestions from our side:

  • Radical Modernism: This lamp would look absolutely gorgeous in a pure, minimalistic moderns setting. You can set it in a corner beside you sleek sectional and lay down with a throw to enjoy a cozy read.
  • Industrial: The sleek, effortless grace and metallic edge would be the perfect ambient accompaniment for this type of a floor lamp. It would add a timeless grace and an inadvertent splash of color to the raw, edgy vibe of a typical industrial style interior design.
  • Contemporary Eclectic: Contemporary interior designs are always enmeshed with eclectic pieces and this floor lamp is going to fit right in with its mismatched, atypical vibe. You can pair it up with a boho-chic accent chair or a stunning vintage sofa or anything you feel like.

Points To Keep In Mind While Ordering!

Here are some points that you need to keep in mind while ordering this lamp:

  •  The scale of your space: This lamp would look good only when it’s complemented by high ceilings as its neck is quite tall on its own, so always study your space carefully before ordering
  • Suitable colors and finish: Since the Modern ‘Flag’ floor lamp is available in quite a number of colors, you’ll need to study your home color palate carefully before settling on a specific combination.

This floor lamp features an iconic presence and has the ability to make any interior design seem instantly statement worthy – definitely one of the best products in the Cattelan Italia catalogue.

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