January 23, 2018 4 min read

Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia is a company that believes furniture to be not only a home essential, but also a way of life. Founded in 1979, the company believes that furniture not only defines the lifestyle, but also dictates the aesthetics of a home. A leading company in furniture manufacturing, the Cattelan Italia motto is to produce furniture that is the epitome of high quality, excellent aesthetics and brilliant tastes.

Cattelan Italia has manufactured a wide range of products over the years in all genres home interior design. Their catalogue spans from the dining room to the bedroom and everything in between. All their products are innovative, original and pragmatic all at once. Both visuals and ergonomics are prioritized equally, which is why their designs are so successful.

Paolo Cattelan

Paolo Cattelan is one of the heirs to Cattelan Italia, and subsequently one of their best designers. Born in 1973, he entered the family business with his brother Lorenzo in 1995 as and acts as a Commercial Director. While Lorenzo undertakes the more artistic and image related ventures of the company, Paolo’s experience in the market has allowed him to partake in the actual designing of the furniture their company manufactures.

As a result, he’s developed an entire line of designs ranging from office furniture to living room consoles. His take is always practical and suits the modern sensibilities. The originality of his products is classic Cattelan Italia flavor, and are always designed to fulfill specific customer requests.

The Ray Modern Glass Top Dining Table

They Ray Modern Dining Table is a contemporary masterpiece. Designed by Paolo Cattelan for the Cattelan Italia company, this modern dining table has a classy panache that is not only the height of elegance and sophistication, but also delivers resilience and durability. This table features a number of varying aesthetics and sizes in its own range, but the rounded corners of the glass tabletop remain a constant.

The base of this dining table is entirely atypical. Instead of the conventional four-legged dining table, Paolo Cattelan opted for a stylistic impression with a more sculpture-like touch. Although there are still four legs that support and balance its structure, the Ray Modern Dining Table establishes individuality by featuring slanted chrome-plated stilts that complement the homogeneity of the glass top quite well.

Specifications of the Ray Modern Glass Top Dining Table

The Ray Modern Dining Table is mostly contemporary in aesthetics – a steel and glass blend that can make any interior design seem sleek, stylish and trendy in a completely modern way. The glass top is made from a 0.6” thick tempered glass to ensure durability – the high-pressure glass won’t break easily at all. The glass top is available in 7 different versions, ranging from a variation in size and shape of the top half. You can opt for either a square, rectangular or round tabletop shape.

Moreover, the base of this dining table is available in a number of different colors and you can order depending on the color scheme and style of your interior design. It can be bought in chromed steel, black chrome, white or graphite matt lacquered steel finish as well as leather cladding. With such a diverse combination, you can easily make a customized choice to suit your personal interior design palate.

The Design Concept Of The Ray Modern Dining Table

The Ray Modern Dining Table features a unique configuration of table legs with an artistic glass shelf on top. It’s a statement worthy piece that will be sure to make any interior design look the height of trendy chic.

The basic idea behind the execution of this table’s design is to amalgamate a unique sculptural quality with a fine-tuned up-to-the-minute concept. It’s the perfect piece to go for when you’re trying to choose a statement piece for your kitchen or dining room.

The most distinguished quality of this table’s visuals is that it resembles a delicate ‘house of cards.’ The immediate impact of this product is delicate and sleek, but a closer observation discloses that the angled legs have been securely affixed to the glass top. The structure of the Ray Modern Dining Table is incredibly sturdy, and coupled with a fine choice in materials, this product will certainly last you a long time.

Why Choose The Ray Modern Dining Table

The Ray Modern Dining Table is a quality product that boasts an extraordinarily diverse aesthetic.  Paolo Cattelan has specifically crafted this table to suits a number of aesthetics, which is why it is sure to remain a timeless classic for a long time. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for the Ray Modern Dining Table:

  • Cattelan Italia:The innovative quality of the Ray Modern Dining Table is quite unique. The concept of stilted legs is completely novel and executed in a fresh manner, which gives this dining table an extra visual edge.
  • Customizable Quality: Cattelan Italia has ensured the highest level of customization for this dining table. Offering a diverse visual range of finishes for the stilted legs, the Ray Modern Dining Table has been manufactured by using innovative technologies and a unique interpretation of the modernist style. If you go for the upholstered version of the table legs, then you’ll have a whopping 26 colors to make a choice from. You can choose one that complements your interior design style.

  • Size Diversity: The Ray Modern Dining Table is available in 7 different sizes and three different shapes including square, rectangular and round. The square and rectangular versions have rounded corners and boast a very unprecedented yet original style.
  • Solid Build: This dining table has been designed to emulate a classic beauty, but it Cattelan Italia ensures that it’s extremely durable and resilient to boot. Longevity is definitely a solid plus point of the Ray Modern Dining Table.

If you’re looking for a dining table that acts as both an ergonomic as well as a visually pleasant show-piece in either your kitchens or dining space, then the Ray Modern Dining Table is definitely the best choice for you.