February 19, 2018 4 min read

Selecting the perfect furniture for a kid’s bedroom can be a challenging task. It has to be just the right amount of fantastical and safe. While childproofing all the dangerous corners and objects is always a priority that does not mean you can compromise on the aesthetics. These days, you can find a lot of kid’s furniture that is extremely high concept yet is also compact and ergonomic. Further, let’s look at 10 such ideas that will surely be an inspiration to you.

Not just another four poster

Sleeping in a four-poster bed is basically every Potterhead’s childhood dream, but this particular four poster takes it up a notch by emphasizing the whimsy of childhood and managing it well with the ergonomic aspects of the design. Merging a bed, seating nook and wall-shelf in the same space, the gabled canopy creates a great overhead that will have every kid swooning with appreciation! 

Going compact

If you have a big family but are short on space then this idea is surely going to stick with you. Consisting of a three-tiered compact bed bunk with sliding single-mattresses, a cabinet space and even a small wardrobe, this compact furniture set can help you make the most of your space. It will also utilize the vertical dimensions of your space, which will allow you to have an ample amount of circulation space up-front.

Sitting space

A nice, comfy sitting nook is one of the most essential parts of any kid’s bedroom design. You can have a giant bed and a spacious play area, but unless you have a cozy sitting area, the room is always going to look incomplete. This plush sofa set is just the right amount of tiny and attractive. With its laid-back formation and a mountain of throw pillows, it exudes a comfortable aura that will have any kid wanting to sit down with a book.

Freestanding shelves

Properly designed shelving is another kiddy bedroom essential. The generic furniture like bed and sofas are great for lying down, playing and reading but where will you store all the stuff that makes up the actual playtime? This is why these simple free-standing wall shelves are the best accessory for a kid’s bedroom. Straightforward in design and ergonomic in storage, they can be easily installed and adjusted with some SS channels.

Study dates

If your kid is an early intellectual or a natural born artist then you’ll definitely need to invest in a charming study nook. You can use any small tuck or alcove in the existing bedroom space and install a table there. You can decorate with artsy essentials, coloring books, kiddy stationary and even some fun table lamps. This nook can definitely be adjusted according to the number of kids you want it to be designed for!

Princess theme

Little girls adore the color pink, which is why this princess themed kid’s room is the perfect inspiration for parents who want their own princess to have a castle of her own. The bed is the main feature of this bedroom design and the eye is instantly drawn to its spire headboard. The wardrobes are a customized pink with heart-shaped handles and go perfectly with the rest of the theme used in the room.

Tents and bunks

This tent-inspired bunk bed is the perfect furniture for a little boy’ bedroom. It gives the illusion that the person is perpetually camping and can make for some awesome playdates. The bottom half of the bed can also be used to store toys, and the slide makes a fun accessory that every kid should have in their daily life. You can even add a comfortable edge to its design by loading on the stuffed toys and pillows on the actual bed.

Cinderella’s pumpkin

This idea is especially for all those little girls who’re searching for their happily ever after! A creative take on the typical Cinderella pumpkin, the smooth steel rods that make up the canopy of this bed are unique and create a stylish, dreamy effect. The side-bars, headboard and footboard are just as stylistically design. The combination of a pink bedspread looks highly charming but can easily be replaced with blue, green, purple or whatever color your kid loves.

Racing dreams

Racing cars are definitely a favorite boy genre, which is why a race-car inspired bed can be the perfect furniture choice for your munchkin’s room. Red colored race cars definitely have a very glamorous and sporty. You can emulate the same vibe in your kids bedroom by going for a watered down, kid-friendly version of the race-car inspired bed. It’s definitely going to make your little boy’s childhood extra memorable!

Beach themed

If you’re looking for something serene and gender-neutral then take a look at this sofa bed. It’s plush, comfortable and can be loaded down with throw pillows for every variety to make it seem cozier. It can act as the perfect napping nook for your little one and its spacious enough that even you yourself can lie down with them if the situation calls for it.

So these are some of the most amazing, comfortable and ergonomic furniture ideas for a kid’s room. we hope this list helps you make a better choice for your own kids’ room.