March 27, 2019 2 min read

Home interior designing is always a very personal venture, so it can be challenging for people to pick something as unconventional as the Egg Pod chair for theirs. Here are a few ideas that normalize this piece of furniture and will help you take on this atypical challenge with panache:

1. As an accent piece

egg pod chair

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Even in an accent capacity, there are a lot of ways that you can use the Egg Pod chair around your homes. You can use it as a decorative furniture piece t spruce up an otherwise bland wall. You can set it up beside your dressing table as an accent seating piece. You can even set it up in an empty nook with a set of nesting tables to cozy up in when you want to have some peace of mind. The uses are as limitless as your imagination, so you can definitely think out of the box to come up with unconventional set-ups.

2. In the living room

The typical sofa and media wall duology that is used universally in living rooms these days has become so conventional. This is why unique chairs and other furniture pieces are usually used in such spaces to spice things up. The Egg Pod chair would be a great addition in a living room. Its distinguished looks could be just the thing that you need to break the monotony of your couch and TV setup. You can simply place it in a corner to contrast the overall ambiance of the space.

3. Sit beside the end table

egg pod chair

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If you’ve got a large layout that still seems a little empty even after you have filled it up with the requisite furnishings, then it’s time to break out the big guns. You can set up accent pieces like the Egg Pod chair in the large circulation spaces or empty corners to fill out the layout. You can even accompany them with small paraphernalia like end tables and stools to make the ambiance feel holistic and artfully glued together.

4. In semi-open spaces

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It’s totally unrealistic to believe that you can simply furnish the indoors with the Egg Pod chair and be done with it. Any home is made up of a lot of different spatial articulations, and semi-open ones are the most common. They include patios, verandahs and sunrooms. You can use the Egg Pod chair to add a comfortable seating area here. If there can be a view to some green landscape, then it’s all the better.

5. Double the impact

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The iconic aesthetic of the Egg Pod chair is definitely a versatile one. It can be used as a replacement for conventional home furniture. If you’ve got a large enough space, you can even arrange it stylistically to mirror its counterparts. This way, you can use an even number of the Egg Pod clusters throughout your interior designs.

So, these are some interesting ways that you can emulate the Egg Pod chair in your home interiors. We hope some of these ideas can inspire you step out of your comfort zone and get creative with its placement.