10 Stunning Dining Room Furniture & Ideas For Your Homes

February 15, 2018

10 Stunning Dining Room Furniture & Ideas For Your Homes

Dining room furniture can be the hardest to pick because there are tons of new ideas that go with some very specific styles. So below, we’ve compiled a list of 10 stunning dining room furniture ideas that you can take inspiration from to make the perfect decision!

Darkly contemporary

This stylish dining room set is the best blend of contemporary and traditional! The column style table legs look extra gorgeous because of the stylish bench-sitting that frames the front half of the table. The black and gold accents have the combined effect of a baroque inspired setting straight out of a fairytale! If you’re looking for a furniture inspiration that’s big on extravagance in a totally subtle manner, then this is definitely it!

Royal Heritage

There are very few dining table sets that can capture the posh elegance of a light-themed neo-classical aesthetics, and this one certainly manages to do so. The plush chairs coupled with the silvery finish of the chair and table legs makes it seem like a furniture set that’s been designed specifically for royalty. You’ll definitely feel grand when you sink into the soft, comfortable lavender upholstery for a meal!

Traditional elegance

The expertly crafted artisanal table legs are the highlight of this particular dining table and chair set. While the top half is as slick as modern as can be, the bottom half is an ode to the classical times. The beautiful combination of light and dark upholstery is another fine feature that makes this furniture set such a visual masterpiece. If you’re looking for a blend of traditional sophistication, then this is definitely the perfect inspiration for you.

Another take on the picnic bench

You’ll be quite surprised to find that the variation on the typical dining room furniture has reached an entirely new aesthetic level. This picnic bench inspired furniture set is a testament to that fact. The sleek brown finish of the chair seats, table top and bench look utterly gorgeous when paired with the retro-splayed feet of the set. The overall combination completely ramps up the contemporary style ambiance by providing a trendy, eye-catching look that’ll leave a memorable impression on anyone who visits.

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Who says you have to be as formal as possible while designing a dining nook – we say you can be as casual as possible and still get a charming little home-eatery that exudes infinite charisma and style. In fact, this stunning white colored bench-style dining nook is the epitome of uniquely personalized. Draped in faux furs and cozy throw pillows with an accent chair to complete the look, this dining area is definitely an epic inspiration for all those who want to defy the rigid conventions of the typical dining room aesthetic.

Tulip table

Tulip tables have a timeless grace that can make for an awesome dining room aesthetic. Since you can find it in a number of finishes and sizes, you can easily find one that suits your preferred interior design style and room size. You can even mix and match it with several different chair sets. The wishbone chairs in this image complement the white finish of the tulip table in a homely, cozy and understatedly elegant manner. This furniture set fits right in with the rustic backdrop of the entire setting.

Retro all the way

For all those who enjoy a little bit of retro in their lives, here’s an amazing dining room furniture set that you can take inspiration from. The old-school, vintage aesthetic of both the chairs and the tables looks absolutely stunning when placed against the contemporary white backdrop. In fact, it’s the sleek sophistication of the white walls that sets of the smooth wooden finish of this furniture set the most. The stylish chairs coupled with the straight-laced table design serve as a casual dining space that can be easily set up in any part of the home.

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If you’re looking for classy, understated sophistication then look no further than this stunning live-edge dining table set. The solid, rustic-style presence of the table is simultaneously contemporary and age-worn, which complements the simplicity of the plain upholstered chairs quite well. The overall accompaniment of wood and grey upholstery makes this quite a splendid dining room furniture set.

Tiny breakfast nooks

Not all dining furniture has to be large and impactful and overly trendy – you can simply go for a simple, tiny setting in the corner of your kitchen as long as you know to style the setting properly. The small breakfast nook in this image is the dream of every tiny home buff. The compact setting looks incredibly cozy, and would be the perfect place to gather with your family for an intimate meal. Large dining areas can sometimes come off as too grand, so this simple, small-scale table-chair setting is the perfect way to avert that.

DIY it all

If you cannot find the perfect dining table as a whole, then here’s a crazy idea – DIY your own nook by curating mixed-and-matched pieces from various places. The stylishly cozy dining area in this image is a great example of such an endeavor. The foldable table has been placed between a vintage chic bench loaded with comfy throw pillows on one side and a trendy pair of white Eames Eiffel Chairs on the other. The mismatched combination is super easy on the eyes and is decidedly more interesting in looks than any full-scale dining furniture set.

Dining room furniture always features the tables and chairs as centerpieces, so you must always play special attention to their design. We hope some of these ideas can help you come up with unique settings of your own!

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