June 04, 2018 4 min read

Bedroom furniture sets make up the face of your entire rom. What exactly remains of a bedroom if you take out the bed, nightstand and dressers? Nothing at all. This is why it’s extremely important that you choose the right furnishings. You need to find the right style, color, material, finish and pattern if you want to articulate your chosen style or aesthetic well. So further, we’ve compiled a list of 8 kinds of classy bedroom furniture sets you can use to enhance your interior designs!

Rustic opulence

It can be challenging to find rustic style bedroom furniture that aptly conveys its timeworn, rugged personality and charm, but this bedroom collection manages to capture it exceptionally well. The distressed finish coupled with the mismatched grain of the wood looks absolutely gorgeous, and is the perfect way to complement the warm-toned color scheme that makes up the backdrop of this bedroom. The overall aesthetic of this furniture set is quite on-point and full of personality.

Emulating the classics

Large, ornate and bold, this classically traditional bedroom furniture set inspires an instant grandeur and luxury in the space that it occupies. The plush fabric of the bed covers beautifully contrast the gold tufted headboard while the stunningly distressed finish of the nightstand and dresser provide gorgeous visual contrast to the whole setting. The overall combination is holistic, plush and full of rich opulence. This is the perfect go-to collection for anyone who’s looking to inspire a sense of lavishness in their bedroom designs.

Going bold

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of boldness to enhance the aesthetic of any space two-fold. The neo-classical bedroom furniture set in this image is the perfect example of this concept. The claw-foot, classically inspired design of the bed, nightstand and dresser looks something out of a dream, but it is the bold red bed covers that give the whole room an extra oomph. The design of the furniture is simple and understated, but the strategically bold accessorizing and décor is what makes it such a treat to look at.

Small style luxury

Not all bedroom furniture collections have to be large in size and personality to make a huge impact. This classy, delicate and stunning bed set proves that all you need is a bit of clever design coupled with some trendy hacks to become the center of attention. The stylish twin bed features a hidden storage compartment on its underside that can be used to stow away your bedcovers and other bedroom essentials. The delicate carving and distressed white finish pay an ode to neo-classical style while the accompanying furnishings enhance the understated beauty of its design. The set is small in size, but it definitely characterizes the whole ambiance with and infinite amount of charm.

Back to the classics

The Four Poster bed design used to be an icon of luxury bedroom furniture sets back in the day, and remains so even in the contemporary times. The towering posts of such a bed can provide a great sense of luxury to the whole bedroom. This particular Four Poster style bedroom furniture set is even more charming because it features a vintage appeal. The subtle carving over the walnut hued bed frames and posts features the best of its traditional aspects while the old-school handles on the dresser and nightstands make for an amazing old-school Easter egg!

Going minimal

There is just something about the unique uncluttered disposition of a minimalistic style bedroom design that soothes the mind, and this classy bedroom furniture set enhances that concept twofold. With a unique “hovering” design, the bed and its attached side tables seem as if they’re floating in air. The cream and wood color/material combination add a sense of modernity to the whole design while the sleek, simple and straightforward ambiance becomes a stunning backdrop to the whole setting.

Defining tradition

This traditional bedroom furniture set is uniquely versatile in aesthetic. Although its build and design are quite remarkably classic, you can definitely set it up in a number of different interior design styles. It can be featured in transitional, Scandinavian, shabby chic, bohemian and contemporary style interiors without ever losing its individuality. However the best part of its design are the two in-built storage units that have been fitted inside the footboard, which allow for an abundance of extra storage space. This bedroom collection is definitely the height of trendy and flexible in both aesthetic and pragmatics.

Timelessly contemporary

If you’re looking for a bedroom furniture collection that has redefined the typical multi-piece furniture set a la bed, nightstand, dresser etc. then look no further than this. This contemporary bed collection features a stunning beige colored countenance and defies convention by offering a holistic look. The avant-garde headboard spans a large arc that ends up highlighting the oval-shaped side tables. The bed itself remains a centerpiece, but the whole design is so unique and distinguished that your bedroom interior would never be considered conventional.

All of these bedroom furniture sets offer something distinctive to the palate. Each one is especially unique and will definitely uplift your bedroom interiors. We hope this helps you find a set that will match your aesthetics.