Bedroom Furniture Furnishings Tips

July 27, 2017

Bedroom Furniture Furnishings Tips

You might think that there’s only one way to furnish your bedrooms – a centralized bed, two nightstands and maybe a dresser on the side – but there’s much more to it that simple placement. In fact, the real aesthetic lies in the details, and today, we’re here to share 10 amazing bedroom furniture furnishing tips that can help you completely transform your space.

The messy throw on your bedcovers

First of all, neat, tidy bed covers a so last decade. You need a little bit of creative leeway with the sheets to imbue some personality into your bedrooms. This is why we suggest going for a messy throw that could be artfully arranged at one corner of the bed. The color of this throw should be one or two shades darker than that of your bed sheets, so you can easily create some visual and tactile contrast.

Mirrors above the nightstands

Tired of those conventional table lamps for your beautiful nightstands? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. You can ditch the lamps and go for classy, mini-rococo contemporary mirrors instead. It’s a unique idea that will add a distinct and memorable touch to your entire bedroom aesthetic. To make things more interesting, you can even arrange a cluster of mismatched accessories on each nightstand to add an extra appeal.

Stylishly mismatched nightstands

If you like to go for avant-garde furniture pieces, then your bedroom is the perfect canvas to arrange them. Standalone nightstands are a great way to complement a customized bed. They do not have to match in style – in fact, going for mismatched visuals is recommended in order to create some visual contrast. The simple, modernist nightstands paired off with the stunning platform bed are an excellent example of this technique.

Floating canopy project

Canopy beds are always reminiscent of grand, royal themes but that does not always have to be the case. You can take charge of this aesthetic and realize it through any means possible. Just take a look at this stylish boho-chic bed – the canopy had been specifically designed to emulate a contemporary effect. You can do so with all kinds of bed designs. In fact, you can even make this a DIY venture if you’re someone who loves creating customized designed and are savvy with a tool kit.

The nightstand dresser placement

Here’s another interesting pro-tip for everyone who wants to defy the typical bedroom design and go for something more distinguished. Instead of framing your bed with two nightstands, why not replace of them with a dresser. It’ll make your layout much more holistic, interesting and visually distinct. You can then use the rest of the space to accessorize with area rugs, throw pillows and accent chairs.

For the plant aficionado

If you have a particular love for plant and all things green, then this would be the perfect idea for you. Be it artificial or authentic, you can dress your bedrooms with all sorts of plant accessories – a wreath that the foot of your bed, some sconces of artificial flowers to frame the top of the nightstand, and some small, indoor plants on the nightstand would do the trick. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even arrange a table full of indoor plants beside your bedroom window sill.

For the love of luxury

If you want to emulate a sense of luxury into your bedrooms then you can definitely do so with the help of some furniture. This image shows the perfect example of how you can do so by getting creative with the furniture arrangement. The plush love-seat placed at the base of the bed is an excellent way to imbue luxury into the place in an understated yet impactful way.

Slick, smart lights

While light is arguably the most important design aspect of any room, the kind of light fixtures that you end up choosing are just as important. If you take a look at this image, you’ll automatically realize that without the trendy bedside lamps and the artistic central chandelier, this bedroom could never have looked as stylish. You should also take note that aside from looking at the style, your light fixtures should add some visual contrast to the whole bedroom for them to truly stand out.

For beds with no headboards

Usually, the bed itself is the centerpiece inside a home, and more often than not, you do not need an attractive focal point to make it stand out. However, if you have a casual platform bed with no headboard, then it’s time to break out some beautiful, statement artwork and get to work. Depending on the interior design style or theme of your bedroom, you can curate or even design an oversized artwork to display on the statement wall in lieu of the headboard. This will give your bedroom a holistic and complete look.

Use those gable beams

Lastly, if your bedroom’s located in the attic and you have absolutely zero clue on how to incorporate those pesky beams and gable slant in your interior design then this bedroom furnishing pro-tip is for you. Instead of just ignoring the beams, or painting over them, make them a part of your design. You can even take inspiration from this bedroom design and install a concealed curtain rail along the beam to create flowey, gauzy dividers. This can help you get a unique aura in your bedroom while ensuring a little bit of privacy – you can simply pull the curtains close when an unexpected guest pays a visit!

So these are some bedroom furniture furnishing tips that can help you transform your existing space into something better and distinct. We hope you found the perfect inspiration you were looking for!

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