February 15, 2019 3 min read

The Beetle chair by Gam Fratesti might be iconic on its own, but it certainly offers a great versatility within its aesthetics as well. Its gorgeous diversion of upholsteries is perfect for mixing and matching with a number of dining table styles, and further we’ll be featuring the 9 best ones you’ll ever see:


1. The Block Heel Table Aesthetic


Block Heel Table


The Beetle chair itself is a very minimalist invention, so it complements other pieces like it really well. The large dining table in this image has block-heel style support legs – complete with an ebony gleam and gorgeous glass top – and it looks positively stunning when paired with the mustard upholstered Beetle chair. Both balance each other out in terms of dullness, vivacity, and style.

2. Round is the new ‘it’


Round Is The New It


Round dining tables are really flexible as they can easily be featured in both small and large homes alike. The one featured in this image is a 4-seater that takes trendiness to a whole new level. It’s small girth, compact stature, and glossy materials complement the multicolored Beetle chairs really well. Moreover, the gold-hued legs contrast with its dark finish gorgeously.

3. The long-island Scandinavian table


Long Scandinavian Table


The Scandinavian style is all about light wooden accents on top of minimalist furniture, and such visuals pair really well with the contemporary and regal looks of the Beetle chair. The elongated dining table in this image is an innovative 6-seater with pink and charcoal upholstered Beetle chairs arranged on each of its side to add some contrast to its monotonous look. The overall impact of this setting is really classy.

4. Neutral with round edges


Neutral With Round Edges


If you’re a fan of the neutral color scheme and enjoy artfully minimalist furniture, then the strategic combination of the round edges dining table with grey upholstered beetle chairs in this image would be right up your alley. It’s plain, unique, and complemented really well with the brightly lit surroundings and metal accented pendant lights hanging over the tabletop.

5. Contemporary spider legs


Contemporary Spider Legs


Elegant with a side of eclectic is the running theme when it comes to contemporary interior designs and furnishings. As you can see, the regal design of the Beetle chairs is accompanied really well by the spider-legged dining table in this image. Both furnishings follow an achromatic theme, which is contrasted really well with the white backdrop and patterned area rug.

6. When modernity meets tradition


Modernity Meets Tradition


Who says that you cannot pair the sleek and sophisticated looks of the Beetle chair with a traditional style dining table? Because you absolutely can! Just take a look at this interior design: the gorgeous vintage traditional style dining table and bench in grey finish complements the royal blue upholstery and slender golden legs of the Beetle chair with such panache and character – this combo is a total scene stealer!

7. Formation: 3-seater


Formation: 3Seater


Round dining tables are quite popular these days, but they’re usually designed to accommodate even-numbered chairs – 4, 6, 8 seats. But what if you could arrange your Beetle chair in a 3-seater arrangement around a trendy round-toped dining table? As you can see in this image, the trick here is to create the right amount of contrast. You can even use patterned upholstery on your Beetle chairs to amplify the whole ambiance.

8. Dark on dark


Dark On Dark


If you’re a fan of dark, edgy color schemes that exude a bold, charismatic aura, then you’ll definitely love this look. The Egyptian blue of the Beetle chairs’ upholstery is dull, but still bright enough to complement the dark finish of the stylish modern dining table. Coupled with the trendy ambiance and hints of vintage-accents in the background, this is definitely a set-up that can work well in most homes – be it small or large.

9. Royally modern


Royally Modern


If you’ve ever thought that the modern look couldn’t carry a royal vibe, then you haven’t seen the set-up featured in this image. The delicacy of the large rectangular dining table complements the baroque burgundy upholstery of the Beetle chair really well. It’s decadent with a side of airy – a look you never knew you needed!


All of these dining room inspirations bring out the best in the Beetle chair and showcase the fact that there are a number of looks you can carry out with just this single style of furniture!