August 30, 2018 4 min read

Tired of looking around at stiff and formal chairs? Searching for something fun and casual to upgrade your seating arrangement? Well, bean bags sound like the perfect choice for you!

They’re cool, trendy, comfortable and have a unique aesthetic that can add an extra oomph to your interior designs. They’re available in a vast range of finishes and designs, and people are gradually embracing them in all walks of life. They’re not simply the casual décor item the boys bought for the gaming room anymore – bean bags are a bonafide, globally approved, totally stylistic choice to furnish all manners of interior and exterior spaces with. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the 8 most popular uses for bean bags!

In the casual nook

Let’s look at the most conventional use of bean bags first! These seats make for some great standalone pieces, so they’re the perfect choice for that private nook – reading, sleeping, knitting and more – that you’ve been planning to set up for a while. All you need is a fluffy bean bag, a cozy little tuck of a space and a floor lamp to complete the aesthetic. After that, you can simply fall down into its plush, welcoming embrace whenever you want some me-time! You can even select a color or a fabric or a finish for your bean bag according to the overall style of your space!

Kindergarten furniture

Many schools have rightly done away with the hard, plastic monstrosities that constituted as children’s school furniture in the kindergarten classes and are firmly embracing the beanbag way of life! It’s a functionally cognizant choice that allows kids to make sitting down a fun activity while getting rid of all those hard corners that became the assailants of many boo-boo’s back in the day. Moreover, the aesthetic enhancement and colorful additions of these bean bag chairs make the classroom an infinitely happier and more cheerful space!

As couches

If you want to get rid of your typical living room sectional for something more relaxing and casual, then going for cozy bean bags is the way to do. Not only would they make for an unconventional design element, they’ll also add to the snug, homely vibe of your living area. You can set up a cluster of bean bags in your living area and match them up with similar décor elements like a comfy looking area rug, a tiny coffee table and more to get a holistic interior design. This is definitely a style that’s getting more and more popular these days.

Library seats

Those hard, uncomfortable library tables and chairs remain no more with the popular trend of cozy bean bags slowly and gradually replacing them. This allows people to simply sit down with their best reading choices in a more personalized space without having the fear of interrupting or sharing space with others. The colorful integration of these bean bags is also a step in the positive direction as it makes libraries seem like a more fun, relaxed and individualistic spaces instead of boring and trite.

Restaurants and cafes

Recently more and more hipster cafes and casual restaurants have been embracing the bean bag aesthetic. They don’t usually constitute the entirety of the seating area, but they are allocated as one per table. Many eateries also go for customized upholstery for their bean bags so that they can better match their aesthetic. Using them adds an aura of relaxed comfort to the whole design, along with a casual elegance that is hard to imitate with using only hardcore formal furniture.

Book stores

These days, the concept of book stores is slowly evolving to become more inclusive, which is why there are many reading nooks tucked amongst the bookshelves. These reading nooks can be challenging to furnish with proper, wholesome furniture, which is why the relaxed casualness of bean bags is becoming a popular choice for them. Many bookstores even go the extra mile to create a whole ambient little space with area rugs and lamps so that customers can better enjoy the time they spend shopping for books there and come back for more later.

Beach parties

If you thought that bean bags could only be used indoors then you’re absolutely wrong. These are a popular choice for furnishing for outdoor gatherings and parties – especially the themed ones. Since they’re available in so many different colors, people tend to go for a festive arrangement of different hued clusters at their parties. So the next time you’re throwing an outdoor gathering – whether it’s a flatland or a beach or anything in between – you too can furnish your parties with bean bags.

Home theaters

People usually tend to furnish their home theaters in those large, bulky officially cinematic seats, but these days, they’re leaning more towards the cozy aesthetic of the bean bags. This is becoming an especially popular choice for family-oriented home theaters because kids don’t find it fun to be strapped inside official looking chairs or a long time. So if you’re searching for something to down-home your home theaters, then bean bags would be an excellent choice for you.

These are some of the most popular uses of bean bags in the interior design genre. It’s a beloved genre of seating and we hope you can get some ideas on how to use it in your homes, gatherings and establishments here.