June 05, 2018 4 min read

Many people underestimate the importance of outdoor furniture in lieu of interior designing. However, it’s important to note that a careful blend of landscaping, amazing set-ups and beautiful furniture have a way of completely transforming the way you experience the outdoors. The proper furniture selection complemented by the right décor can easily create some of the best experienced you’ll have outside. You can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ambiance without discarding your natural habitat completely. So today, we’ll be looking at 8 modern outdoor furniture ideas and how you can decorate around them.

Contemporary chairs and understated decking

Chairs are a quintessential outdoor furnishing, and these days you can find a wide variety to choose from. However, the contemporary pair featured in this image is highly unique. Its minimal design complements it simple décor aesthetic. A combination of plain decking and a flash of green grass is all you need to make this set-up look like a customized masterpiece straight out of the pages of a magazine spread. Easily foldable, you can just drag these modern outdoor chairs out to your backyard, patio or even the front porch, lay down and enjoy the pleasant weather outside.

Chairs, grasses and stone walls

Nothing can ever beat the classic outdoor patio set-up with a cluster of chairs at the center, and some natural landscaping providing a picturesque backdrop. The modern outdoor chairs in this image are the perfect blend of classy, comfortable and chic. Their navy blue seat upholstery and wide-sitting with a cluster of throw pillows in the mix help create a cozy atmosphere, which is complemented by the beautifully lit ornamental grasses and the trendy stone accent wall in the background. The all natural ambiance is perfect for enjoying some relaxing family time outdoors.

Weaving and fireplace

If boho-chic is your desired aesthetic, this this delicately constructed outdoor furniture with weaved upholstery would be the perfect inspiration for you. However, this simple modern outdoor furniture would have been nothing had it not been for the beautiful, exposed brick outdoor fireplace. The whole ambiance has a decidedly rustic look that features just a hint of contemporary because of the white color/material scheme. This setting would be perfect for sunny-side backyard nook where you can sun-bathe and enjoy a good read at the same time.

Pallet inspired

This wooden pallet inspired modern outdoor furniture set is the perfect way to furnish a cozy family backyard. The sofa set is large enough to accommodate even a large family gathering, and the beautiful surroundings have been tweaked beautifully with some customized features to enhance the coziness. The fairy lings that have been hung over the whole setting create a truly magical effect that would look excellent in the evening. Just imagine sitting in your backyard looking at this beautiful twinkle of lights and enjoying some quality time with your loved ones.

Nouveau inspired

This delicate yet highly attractive modern outdoor furniture set has been beautifully offset by a craftily designed trellis as its backdrop. The fresh green vines provide a beautiful contrast against the vivid red of its upholstery. The overall design aesthetic of this furniture set is inspired by the art nouveau movement, and features a stylistic integrity that would look stunning in any modern home. You can arrange this set up in your veranda, backyard patio or even the pavilion on the front lawn. It would make a beautiful centerpiece in any and all settings.

Rattan with a twist

If you’ve ever wanted to set up a cozy outdoor nook to enjoy some pleasantly cool weather then this rattan furniture setting would be the perfect inspiration for you. The furniture itself is actually pretty old-school, but it’s the deliberate décor that it features which gives it a trendy edge. The boho-chic area rug provides a beautiful offset that brings out the beauty of the mismatched monochromatic throw pillows that the seats have been laden with. The balled-lights provide a whimsical edge to the whole ambiance and the whole space looks highly customized.

Outdoor daybeds

Forget typical swings – going for outdoor daybeds is so much better! If you’ve got a porch or a veranda that’s even semi-covered, then this would be the perfect modern outdoor furniture inspiration for you. You can easily set one up, and it would inspire you to occasionally come out, swing gently and enjoy the stunning landscaping of your outdoors. Decorating it with some throw pillows and a haphazardly thrown covers would make for an awesome aesthetic. You can sit here and enjoy reading your favorite books or even to just have some quality me-time when it gets to stuffy and crowded indoors.

One for all

Sometime, all you need is a single accent piece in your modern outdoor furniture collection to make a huge impact. So if you love statement pieces and enjoy luxurious aesthetics, then this one is for you. This oversized chair would be the perfect addition to your backyard patio, terrace or eve poolside furnishings. You can simply lose yourself in its giant cradle and enjoy some quality time while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

These are some of the most awesome modern outdoor furnishings in our collection – each one is unique and can add an eclectic touch to your landscaping with the right décor ideas!