January 23, 2019 10 min read

Wood is a charismatic material. It has such a natural charm and is able to effuse any interior design setting with a warm, cozy look. While floors and even wall paneling has become quite a conventional way to utilize wood in homes, wall art remains the trendiest and most stylish of them all. Wood wall décor is creative, attractive, chic, and sophisticated at the same time. It is also available in a huge variety of designs that can be used within all sorts of interior ambiances.

We have a list of 40 awesome wood wall décor ideas to share:

1. Delicate & Asymetrical


Delicate and Asymmetrical


The mismatched puzzle of small wooden pieces on a metal mesh give this particular wall décor a unique, modernist edge with a rustic twist. It is elegant and would make a great focal point in your home. You can hang it on a feature wall, above your living room couches, and even a transitional space like the entrance foyer.

2. Mismatched Appeal


Mismatched Appeal



This beautiful rustic wall décor features a palette of mismatched, dissimilar wooden pieces that have all been artfully arranged in a large rectangular form. It’s the perfect item to add some contrast on a blank wall.


3. Rustic Sceneries


Rustic Sceneries


If you’re a fan of abstract artworks, then this beautiful wooden wall décor would be right up your alley. It features a summit of mountains framing each other on a backdrop of a distressed wood sky. This artsy wall hanging will definitely add a rustic appeal to any space!


4. Simply Playing With Textures


Playing with Textures


This simple wall art delivers on the minimalist aesthetic, but is also quite impressive on the functional front. There’s a small shelf at the bottom where you can place small trinkets or other daily use items. The single tree embellishment on the bright wood plank also adds a nice, stylish contrast to the overall design.


5. When Lighting Strikes


When Lighting Strikes


Who says you can’t get creative with your rustic wood wall décor? While it does have a naturally cozy quality, it doesn’t have to be completely old-world. This Jack Daniel’s piece is the perfect example of that. Backlit with a halo of blue, it contemporizes and otherwise plain design with glamor, sophistication, and allure.

6. Being Stylistic


Being Stylistic


Mismatched planks of wood have the ability to complement one another, and this wall décor takes this idea to a whole new level with its simple but impactful design. Coupled with the small shelf at the base, you’ll definitely appreciate having it as the centerpiece on one of your home’s accent walls.


7. Reclaimed Wood Candle Sconces


Wood Sconces


Redefining the whole mason-jar aesthetic, this trendy wooden wall décor item is all about adding a unique rustic edge to the ambiance. The tealights in the glass jars add a warm, cozy appeal to the whole space, and make it seem like an antiquated castle.

8. All About Function


All About Function


This simple but totally pragmatic wood wall décor takes the merging of great aesthetics and functionality to a whole new level. Comprising simply of rope twines and distressed wood planks, it delivers a charismatic shelving system where you can place everyday items and other decorative accessories.


9. trendy Takes On Simplicity


Trendy Take On Simplicity

This particular wood wall décor item looks straight out of a home design magazine. While it may comprise of nothing more than simple planks used in a shelving capacity, their arrangement inside the circumference of a large circle gives them such a stylistic appeal. It’s definitely an idea worth exploring!


10. As a Desktop


As a Desktop


Belaying the typical credenza aesthetic, this hanging wooden shelf can be used in both decorative as well as functional capacity. Hung on the wall with the help of thick rope, its artfully distressed surface can be used to feature either decorative items, or your study desk paraphernalia.


11. With a Touch Of Green


With a Touch Of Green


This wooden wall décor features glass jars brimming with leafy greens. It’s the perfect alternative to that expensive hydroponic wall. You can alternate the plants inside every other day with whatever suits your fancy. It can be featured on your patio wall or verandah’s as well as interior designs.


12. An Ambient Design


Ambient Design


Atmospheric wall décor pieces are hard to come by, which is why this one is such a gem. It has a very simple design, but the creative combinations of embellishments make it so much more unique. The tiny bonsai trees and tealights make the grain of the wood come alive. It’s the perfect piece to hang on your home’s feature wall.


13. Looking Mirror


Looking Mirror


Straying a bit away from the typical, this looking mirror wall décor features a highly unique use of wood.  Instead of using typical planks, it features an artfully arranged cluster of discarded branches that make a beautiful frame. This kind of an item would make an instant statement in any home, and be a total trendsetter at the same time.


14. Colorful Glass Bottles & Florals


Colorful Glass Florals


Searching for something full of whimsy that is also customizable? Take a look at this amazing wood wall décor! It features a palette-style base frame, which has been installed with alternating glass bottles made of red glass. What’s better is that you can arrange customized flower arrangements in these bottles to add a personalized look and some nice pastel contrast.


15. Going Basic


Going Basic


The design of these shabby-chic wood wall décor is nothing short of stylistic. The three planks feature a blend of pastel bright hues and are embedded with a plain old test tube that could hold nothing more than a single flower. But put together, the design is absolutely cheerful and amazingly attractive! It’s definitely something you will want in your boho-chic home!


16. Utilizing Branches


Utilizing Branches


There is always a graceful asymmetry in nature that appeals the eye, and now you can bring it in your home interiors with this statement-worthy tree branch wood wall décor. It’s embellished with a distressed white paint finish, but that only adds to its elegant appeal. You simply have to hand this up on a plain wall for magic to happen in your home interiors!


17. Laden With Fairy Lights


Fairy Lights


This particular wood wall décor features actual tree branches in a simple frame, but what’s better is that they have been entwined with tiny, warm-hued fairy lights that effuse them with an aura of whimsy. You can definitely make a gorgeous, charismatic statement with a cluster of these frames hanging in your home!


18. Wrought Into Shape


Wrought Into Shape


If you’re not a fan of solid wood or framed wood wall décor, then check out this stunning alternative. Discarded tree branches have been constructed into realistic leaf-like shapes – complete with all the detailed veins – and hung as accent pieces on a simple wall. It’s definitely a decoration worth investing in.


19. When Nature Makes A Statement


When Nature Makes A Statement


Dazzle your home interiors by this vast, rectangular frame featuring a cluster of vertically oriented tree branches. It takes up an entire wall, can be customized to shape, and makes an instant eye-catching statement. From living rooms to corridor walls and even bedrooms, it be hung anywhere.


20. Delicacy Of Nature


Delicacy Of Nature


If you want to emulate a little piece of nature in your homes, then check out this beautiful three-piece frame. It has a delicate rectangular framing and each of the 3 pieces are stacked on top of each other. But what attracts the eye more is the ascending order of the very realistic tree branches that has been compressed within the frames!


21. 3D Mosaics


3D Mosaics


3D wall art designs are all the rage these days, but what’s better is that you can now find them in wood. The parametric arrangement of all the protrusions and grains creates a fantastic visual attraction, which makes such pieces an instant hit with most homeowners. Many of these even come with colorful abstract finishes, which always helps make more of a statement.


22. 3D CNC Milled Maple Wood


3D CNC Milled Wood


Wood wall décor has leveled up to a whole new level of artistic with the advent of CNC laser cutting. We can now carve up designs in a matter of hours that would have previously taken years to accomplish. So, it comes as no surprise that this wall hanging features a classic appeal. With its gorgeous milled maple grain and delta-like aesthetic, it’s sure to make an excellent statement piece in any setting.


23. Simple Art Forms


Simple Art Forms


The charming simplicity of this particular wood wall décor makes it totally appealing. It has a craft-like aura that comes from the twine jar creation on its façade. The cluster of flowers that take up the top add an innocence to its whole design that would look great in contemporary style ambiances.


24. Wooden Wall Racks


Wooden Wall Racks


Carefully constructed shelves are another type of wood wall décor that’s the epitome of trendy and popular right now. This one can be used in the capacity of a personalized wine bar of sorts. You can even hang it in your kitchens and feature spice bottles on it. Alternatively, it can also be hung on the porch or verandah wall with a cluster of small planters placed on its shelves. The hidden strip lights would provide some great night scaping for it.


25. Going Vintage Chic


Going Vintage Chic


This smartly designed wood wall décor is effused with a shabby chic vintage appeal laced with minimalistic accents. The frame with its distressed finish looks absolutely charming, but it’s the single bulb held up by a wire-string with its leafy branch that makes the entire piece statement worthy!


26. Recycling Frames


Recycling Window Frames


If you’re aiming for a rustic rough swan appeal for your home, then you definitely need to check out this charming recycled window frame arrangement. The distressed finish of the frame coupled with the small planter of fresh/dry arrangements at the bottom creates a totally atmospheric look that spruces up the entire ambiance with a chic farmhouse aesthetic.


27. Window Frame Photobook


Window Frame Photobook


Looking for an innovative way to create a gallery wall in your homes? Check out this wood wall décor idea for inspiration. It utilizes a discarded window frame and uses the panes to feature postcard images that matches the distressed finish of the wood. it’s definitely an avant-garde way to make your interiors look retro-glam.


28. Cluster On The Frames


Cluster On The Frames


Vintage frames look best when they’re featured in clusters, but this genius hack takes it to a whole new level by arranging all the frames asymmetrically on top of each other. The contrasting finishes and detailing create a complementary look that is enhanced by the changing sceneries that change from one frame to the other.


29. Of Bottles, Jars, & Tubes


Of Bottles Jars And Tubes


‘Mismatched’ seems to be the theme of the century, which is exactly what this particular wood wall décor arrangement has been inspired from. Comprising of an artfully arranged cluster of wooden frames, it has been embellished by hanging dissimilar test tubes, glass bottles, and even buckets from their tops. The sunflower and daisies featured in every hanging add a ‘brighter-than-sunshine’ appeal to the whole setting!

30. Nail Frame


Nail Polish Frame


If you’ve got a nail-color collection that you want to feature in your room interior, then this wood wall décor would be right up your alley. It consists of a simple vintage frame that has been beautifully painted over, while the middle part is installed with narrow horizontal shelves where you can arrange all your nail color bottles in order of hade, style, or favorites.


31. When Backdrop Calls


When Backdrop Calls


When nothing else is suiting your tastes, think about using wood wall décor as a backdrop for your actual wall hangings. The large background in this image creates the perfect rustic ambiance that makes the smaller photo frames look amazing. It’s a great way to reinvent the typical gallery wall aesthetic.


32. For Kitchen Storage


For Kitchen Storage


Smart storage shelves make the best wall décor, especially when they’re finished in natural wood accents. This compact kitchen shelving unit warrants the best of both worlds by delivering on the functional as well as aesthetic fronts. It’s the perfect choice for those who appreciate pragmatics!

33. Hanging Shelves


Hanging Shelves


Hanging shelves are timeless. Many trends have come and gone, but these shelves have proven to be timeless classics.  You can embellish them with other trinkets and decorative items that suit your overall interior design ambiance.


34. Simple Wood Frames


Simple Wood Frames


Simplicity has been emulated at its best in the design of this cluster of wood wall décor. It comprises of 3 similarly sized thin rectangular frames that have been embellished with small dry arrangements. It’s plain, unique, and perfect for interior design styles like minimalism, modernism, and even Scandinavian.


35. A Chiaroscura


A Chiaroscura


This wood wall décor piece has a façade that is made up entirely of 4 distressed wood planks with rough-hewn edges. It’s very shabby-chic at first glance, but when you look at it with the gold backlighting, it takes on a totally glamorous appeal. This duality makes it such an interesting piece to furnishing your homes with.


36. Sleek & Modern


Sleek And Modern


The modern aesthetic is sleek, simple, and sophisticated – something which a versatile material like wood can totally emulate. The clean lines of this wood wall décor can double as shelves, which can add a statement worthy vibe to the overall ambiance. You can even experiment with modern finishes to get the best effects.

37. Of Tetrahedrons


Of Tetrahedrons


This wood wall décor takes cotemporary simplicity to a whole new level. Comprising of nothing more that variously sized tetrahedron sculptures installed on a plain wall, these floating shelves instantly attract the eye, and can be used to showcase small decorative items, baubles, and other tiny trinkets.

38. Hexagons & Geometry


Hexagons And Geometry


The darkly charismatic beauty of this wood wall décor also has a functional aspect. The interesting mix of materials and closed units also give it a 3D perspective which looks like cube form at a closer look. It’s definitely a piece that you want to embellish your home interiors with.


39. Honeycomb Designs


Honeycomb Designs


40. Wooden World Maps


Wooden World Maps


If you’re searching for interesting ideas to make your feature walls stand out, then check out this wood wall décor that has been crafted in the image of a world map. Laser cut to perfection, it can be hung on a backdrop of plain paint or even concrete sceeding. It’s even more of an attraction if you love travelling.


41. Vintage Rustic Set-Up's


Vintage Rustic Setups


How your wood wall décor looks as a whole totally depends on the arrangement, which is why this one is totally iconic. With a central frame, distressed sides, and a credenza up front, it attracts the viewer with its shabby-chic appeal and rustic looks.


42. Shuttered Windows


Shuttered Windows


Whoever says that you can’t recycle old-school shuttered windows hasn’t seen the classic wood wall décor in this image. With a fresh coat of paint and a few humble accessories, you can totally redefine and emulate this aesthetic in your own homes!