30+ Stunning Bedroom Lighting Ideas

March 20, 2018

30+ Stunning Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Designing good lighting for any space is actually an art. If it’s too dim, then your space looks shabby. If it’s too bright, your space looks too dazzling. However, with the right combination of lighting techniques, you can make any room in your home seem glamorous, unique, stylish, trendy and more.

Further, we’ll be taking a look at some great ideas for bedroom lighting. Since the bedroom is a space that directly reflects your personality, preferences and character, the lighting in there has to be especially controlled in order to fully emphasize its sanctity and uniqueness. We’ll be looking at how different lighting design schemes can work well with various bedroom design styles, and enhance the overall character of the room.

  1. Decorative Hanging Lights

Image source: stevewilliamskitchen


The latest, greatest trend in bedroom design is decorative hanging lights. They can be hung around the periphery of your room, and look absolutely gorgeous when the ambient lighting is turned off or dimmed down. these hanging lights are available in quite a number of styles, and most come with customized settings that can spice up the overall ambience of your bedroom!


  1. Suspended Beside Lights

Image source: baby-exit


Bedside lights have always been an essential part of any successful bedroom design. While it used to consist of generic side-table lamps in the past, contemporary aesthetic has progressed quite a bit – both in function and general outlook. The formulaic pragmatism of the side-table lamps is now conveyed through trendy hanging lights dangling a foot or two above the side tables. It’s the perfect way to add some style to your bedroom while keeping the general formula alive.


  1. Down-lighter Spotlights

Image source: lisvivart


Down-lighters through a concentrated beam of light down on specific areas of your bedroom interior design. The challenge with using them is deciding where to affix them on your ceiling. Right above the headboard seems like a good idea, because that way you can create beautiful accents on your feature wall without using any décor at all. It’s a simple, easy and straightforward way to play with the lights and shadows in your bedroom interior.


  1. Zero-Watt Starry Night

Image source: decoist


Starry skies seem to be one of the most popular trends in the bedroom ceiling design genre these days. It might seem like the most complicated thing in the world, but you can easily get them by installing zero-watt bulbs throughout your ceiling. The intensity of light and number of stars totally depend on how much ceiling area you cover with how many number of bulbs.


  1. The Fairy-Light DIY Intervention

Image source: ipinimg


If you’ve ever felt like your bedroom lighting is too bland, then never fear! It’s easy to remedy that by undertaking a simple DIY venture. All you have to do is buy a few strings of fairy lights and some lanterns that throw off a moody lighting. Now drape these fairy lights over feature decoration pieces in your bedroom – the mirror, the headboard and even the mattress. Arrange the lanterns in clusters of three throughout your room. when you dim the ambient lighting and plug in the fairy lights, you’ll find that the entire face of your bedroom has been positively transformed through lighting!


  1. Oversized Contemporary Chandelier

Image source: diarioolmeca


The contemporary style is all about playing up the drama and adding flamboyancy to any interior design. This is why contemporary style accessories – especially lighting fixtures – have big personalities that make a huge statement. Sometimes, the effect can be quite literal. So, if your bedroom is big enough, you should go for an oversized contemporary chandelier right in the middle of your room. It will add character to the overall ambience, and definitely leave an impression on anyone who ever comes by your room.


  1. Art Nouveau Chandelier

Image source: amplichip


We might not have discovered a new Antoni Gaudi, but there’s still plenty of Art Nouveau style trivia available in the market. It’s a style characterized by curvy lines and forms that create a beautiful impression in any space. So if you light up your bedroom with an art nouveau style chandelier, you’ll definitely get a stylish vibe topped off with some trendy mood lighting in a single neatly wrapped package.


  1. The Moooi Heracleum Light

Image Source: Houzz


Moooi is a very famous company that manufactures a lot of beautiful lights. The Heracleum is one of their bestselling fixtures. It features a disjointed tree like structure with a number of LEDs attached at the ends. It’s the perfect fixture to hang in a beautiful bedroom. The stemmed off LEDs will create a dramatic play of light and shadows in an effortless way that will make any bedroom seem absolutely gorgeous.


  1. The Heracleum Big O

Image source: fullhousedesign via instagram


The Big O is comes from the Heracleum series by Moooi, and is the perfect lighting fixture to create a magical and glamorous effect in your bedroom. It will be the eye catching centerpiece that spices up the ambience of your bedroom with its unique and distinct form. It looks like a nest of fairy lights intricately wrapped around a circle, and the overall effect is truly magical. It will certainly leave quite an impression of anyone who comes by your bedroom.


  1. The Baroque Chandelier

Image Source: Hemling


Classical lighting fixtures have always had a special way of diffusing light. You can see it in the mosques of Turkey, the Murano glass chandeliers in Venice and even the sleek, contemporary elegance of modern neo-classical chandeliers. They’ve been scaled down to fit our homes, but the grandeur and opulence are still very much in effect. Hanging one as your bedrooms working centerpiece will greatly alter the generic look of your space and give it an oomph that will never get old.


  1. Headboard Backlighting

Image source: home-designing


Since contemporary bedroom interior design has some pretty unique trends of its own, it’s important to consider them while designing the lighting. Creating a functional headboard is considered quite stylish these days. So what you can do is, make the lighting an inherent aspect of the headboard design. This way, you can backlight the entire headboard, which will play on the drama of your space without going overboard with the actual design.


  1. Recessed Lighting

Image source: contemporarylighting


Also known as cove lighting, this is a trendy way to light up your bedrooms without using generic ambient lighting. It allows you a great functional versatility. You can design the recessed lighting either in your ceiling, in your furniture, or even in the corners of your walls. It’s the best way to play with accent lighting without using actual lighting fixtures in the process.


  1. Tiffany Bedside Lamps

Image source: solidrop


Tiffany lamps are one of those evergreen lighting fixtures that will always remain in style. There is something very decadent yet classy about their design. They come in quite a number of shapes and sizes – be it butterfly or the generic umbrella shape. Their colorful exteriors can make for an amazing bedroom lighting feature. The emit a dim gold light that looks especially stunning in small bedrooms.


  1. Accent Laser Lights

Image source: home-designing


Laser frame lights are another new trend that have been taking the interior design world by storm. They’re decorative in nature and available in a number of sizes. You can use them to create an attractive feature wall in your bedrooms. But remember that you should only use them in bedrooms that have a large square footage. If you use a large laser light frame in a small bedroom then the effect could be overwhelming instead of beautiful.


  1. DIY Fairy Lighting

Image source: homedit


Sometimes, the simplest way is the best one. We’ve talked about creating a moody, glamorous bedroom interior with fairy lights and lanterns above. But this time, we’ll only focus on fairy lights. Simply hang up the fairy light strings horizontally over your headboard and plug them in. it will give off a dim, incandescent light that will brighten up your bedroom ambience and give off a moody, romantic effect. You can cover the fairy lights with a large net or organza cloth for extra diffusion if you want.


  1. In-Built Furniture Lighting

Image source: download-wallpaper


In built-bed frames with recessed LED lighting are another million-dollar trend in the market right now. We have headboards that meet half-way to the ceiling and create a single entity from all three dimensions. In such cases, you can use recessed lighting in the ceiling, bed or even in the headboard. This lighting style will make enhance the grandeur of your bedroom tenfold.


  1. Dramatic Bedroom Lighting

Image source: plaisirdeden


If you love theatric, then this bedroom lighting idea is just for you. Making lights a part of the furniture has been a recently emerging trend. But you can bypass the elegance and go straight towards the dramatics by installing a fully radiant light fixture under your bed. The light it will emit will come through the foot board and look like a ball of pure energy is hiding underneath your bed.


  1. Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Image source: home-designing


The industrial style of interior designing is all about celebrating simplicity with an edge. It’s a pretty popular design style, and if you’re dressing up your bedroom to highlight its elegant, industrial side, then a complementary light fixture is always a must! Industrial lighting fixtures are usually stark and simple, but the lights they emit can certainly make any bedroom look absolutely gorgeous. Coupled with their heavy-set designs, this lighting style can add both drama and glamor to your bedroom interiors.


  1. DIY Edison Side-table Bulbs

Image source: nksnow


If you’re looking for something simple, easily do-able and completely straightforward then here’s an idea for you. Edison bulbs are the most basic lighting fixtures. They’re easily available and quite stylish when used correctly. You can take two and cross-wire them on the headboard of your bed. When you plug the in, they’ll emit a dim, gold light that can enhance the mood and ambience of your bedroom without any opulence. Instead, it will make your bedroom seem cozy and comfortable.


  1. Art Deco Pendent Lights

Image source: decoist


Art deco has always been a fine combination of slick lines with curvy glamour. So if you’re looking for something unique yet remarkably distinct, you might want to curate such fixtures. They can be in the form of suspended lights or even side-table lamps. If you affix them with LEDs, they’ll emit a warm glow that will jazz up your bedroom aesthetic with a brilliant stylistic and lit up expression.


  1. Accent Wall Lighting

Image source: home-designing


Accent walls are what give your bedroom interior design that extra bevel. The fact that you can design them in any context – be it green walls or even wooden laminates – only adds to their appeal. So using lighting to enhance the design of your bedroom accent wall is only logical. You can create openings or gaps in between an already set pattern to fix in your lights. This way, the sporadic lights in between the solid design will stand out even more.


  1. Simple Spotlighting

Image source: decoist


If you’re not one for anything complicated and like the simplest of everything, then using simple spotlights might not be the worst idea. The trick is finding the right location for them, and matching the intensity of light with a complementary color scheme. Spot lights usually run along the periphery of the ceiling, so just make sure that the underlying objects do not block off the emission, or are properly decorative.


  1. Accent Downlighters

Image source: bioelectricmedia


Accent lighting focuses on specific objects, and is usually installed over places that you want to highlight. You can use accent downlighters in your bedroom to create a moody, romantic ambiance. They can be installed above your bed headboard, or even the wardrobe door leafs to create an intense aura.


  1. The Power of Uplighters

Image source: sarahrichardsondesign


Uplighters are similar to downlighters in effect – only they work in opposites. While downlighters throw their light beams downward, uplighters can accent feature objects in your bedroom by throwing the focused light beam upwards. You can use adjustable side-table lamps or even fixed lighting fixtures to create this sort of lighting effect in your bedroom.


  1. Star light, Star bright

Image Source: Pinterest


If you think the neon lights are too ‘night club retro’ for a residential setting, then think again! You can definitely dress up your bedroom with some spunky neon lights to create a lively, playful ambience. It will look futuristic and unique – a combination that is bound to leave an impression on anyone who visits your place!


  1. Track lights

Image source: decoist


Track lights are a contemporary industrial phenomenon. They’re great for creating accent lighting without going for different electrical points. They simply consist of a simple ‘rail’ that has been fitted with adjustable spot lights. Track lights are easy and hassle free to install. They’re the best way to highlight various parts of your room with a single lighting fixture.


  1. Pendent lights

Image source: sheerluxe


Pendent lights are all the rage in the design world these days. They’re stylish and unique, but many people do not know that their focused light beam can look absolutely stunning in a bedroom. You can hang either a single, attractive pendent light at the side of your bed, or you can hang a cluster of them above both your side-tables. The general outlook is always pretty glitzy and glamorous.


  1. Floor lamp

Image source: dearreads


Floor lamps are one of those luminary genres that have always been underrated. But we’re here to tell you that they can look absolutely gorgeous in your bedrooms! They feature a focused beam, and most floor lamps come with a tall, distinguished design. They can be the perfect alternatives for the usual formulaic bedside tables. They can also be the luminary centerpiece for your bedrooms! Just imagine the awesome mood lighting they’ll emanate when all your other lights are turned off!


  1. Table lamps

Image source: latidosdenervion


Table lamps are the most conventional way to emphasize the lighting in your bedroom interior design. These days, they’re available in a number of styles – both aesthetic as well as lighting. There are modern downlighters and classical uplighters. You can even pair them up with a centerpiece ceiling chandelier to create layers of lighting in your bedroom!


  1. The Dear Ingo Special Focus Light

Image source: cheerhuzz


The Dear Ingo is a multi-focus lighting fixture that has been taking the design world by storm. It features several adjustable arms, each installed with an LED. Each arm can be affixed in any direction. This kind of a lighting fixture can look especially efficient and aesthetically pleasant in a bedroom setting. No matter where you install it, it will always create a dramatic ambience and point the lights in the functional direction at the same time!


  1. The Square LED

Image source: alexnld


The square LED light is a single, large-scale alternative for conventional spot lights. It’s bright, cheerful and creates a breezy atmosphere that can make any and all bedrooms look spacious than they actually are. It’s also a simple and straightforward ceiling accessory, which means you won’t have to invest in an elaborate ceiling layout plan! Furthermore, the LED square light emits a soft, incandescent glow that will make the overall mood of your bedroom cozy and comfortable.


  1. Ambient Chandeliers

Image source: fendhome


Ambient lighting is the kind which provides functional illumination for your room. Tube lights used to be the convention for this particular genre, but innovation in the field has led to some creative ambient lighting techniques. You can use pendent lamps to create a beautiful ambience in your bedroom these days. They’re the perfect way to add some visual ‘décor’ and create awesome mood lighting at the same time!


As you can see, there are a number of lighting techniques you can use to spruce up your bedroom lighting style. We hope this article gives you some great ideas to get started!

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