March 27, 2019 8 min read

Sofa sets make up around eighty percent of your living room aesthetic as they act as the focal point, center piece, and comfort zones – all in one. This means that they have to deliver the perfect mix of trendiness and practicality in order to be truly useful. So, here are 18 of the most unique and creative sofa designs to help you make the perfect choice for your living rooms:


1. Pixel Sofa


The brainchild of Sergi Bicego from Saba Italia, the Pixel sofa is a totally versatile piece of furniture. It’s not only flexible, but can visually and functionally adapt according to the needs of any space. Its arms and backrests can detach from the base, so you can literally come up with many new arrangements. Furthermore, the seats are made from feather-padded cushions and comprise of a patchwork covers which allows you to mix and match many fabric details into a fully customized end product! It also boasts a very contemporary look, which makes it visually flexible and able to be featured in a lot of interior design styles. It is a very compact piece, and features the ultimate furniture trifecta – style, comfort, and ergonomics!



2. Hollywood Stardom Sofa



Metal hues and accents are making a huge, trendsetting comeback in the world of interior design, and what better way to remain at the forefront of this movement than by choosing your living room sofa to be a shiny chrome highlight. The Hollywood Stardom sofa is definitely one of the most unique furniture pieces you will ever come across. It’s fashionable, high concept, and consists of a glossy metallic upholstery that makes an instant statement. Although it has a very simple and modernistic form, the silver finish balance out the clean lines with a very glitzy, glamorous, and highly distinguished vibe.


3. Feel Seating System



If you are a contemporary aficionado who prefers a unique fusion of aesthetics and functionality, then the Feel Seating System would be right up your alley. It’s a totally unprecedented form of seating. It’s also very functionally versatile as you can sit on it, comfortably lay on it, and even just relax and lounge on it. Made up of many body conforming soft balls, the concept of this seating system, “…reflects the ever changing emotional state of the body.” It’s a very fluid and adaptable system, and can be featured in a number of spaces; including the living room, bedroom, offices, etc. It can be used in a number of activities as well, including reading, playing games, or simply lying down for a nap.



4. Flexible Love



Occupy-oc The contemporary age has seen a marvel of design materials, so it’s no surprise that paper is one of those mediums as well. The Flexible Love seating system is comprised of a number of folded cardboard sheets that can be arranged in a number of configurations depending on the size and the aesthetics of a space. Its beige-brown color is a testament to its unique material, and its easy maneuvering hints at excellent handling. The easy-grip handles at the sides allow the user to take hold of the whole seat from the bottom and drag it around in the desired configuration. Moreover, it is very comfortable to sit upon and can be easily situated into any kind of an interior design ambiance!



5. East Meets West



nytimes Doshi Levien’s unique couch – aptly named My Beautiful Backside – is the perfect visual combination of East meets West. The backrest seems like the landscape plucked straight out of an Arabian country, and the artfully littered pillows feel as if an oasis has been bedazzled upon the simple formation. The designer himself was inspired by a painted illustration of a ‘Maharani’ (a queen) and says that he, “…fuses an Indian way of sitting with a European typology sofa.” The varying cushion sizes on the backrest are actually printed with foil patterns that are more in-tune with the ‘divan style’ of seating, but they merge really well with this contemporized iteration as well. The design is unique enough to accent a number of interior designs with a seamlessly eclectic ease.



6. Tappezzeria Rocchetti Colosseum



Tapperzzeria Rocchetti is renowned for its beautiful craft upholstery, and all of their furniture pieces offer a unique, stylistic, and very literal edge that is rarely ever found in any other company’s visuals. The Colosseum features the trademark visuals of this manufacturer. It is literally designed like the Colosseum is Italy and boasts intricate details that make it extra special. The semi-circular shape is decorated with brickwork and arches along with a more contemporary aura and detailing that make it relaxing. The stylized Roma inscription at the front is definitely a bonus detail that makes the sitting area seem more approachable and inviting. Featuring the perfect mixture of history, modernity, and touristy vibes, this sofa is definitely one of the most unique ones you’ll ever come across.



7. Canape sofa



Inspired by the shape of a canapé and designed by Patrick Naggar, this unusual sofa design blows you away with its beautiful colors and bold shape. The jewel-toned cerulean of its upholstery is striking on its own, but contrasted by the lime green and iris cushions, it looks even more gorgeous. The circular shape of the backrest is perfectly comfortable and stylized. The smooth, uninterrupted expanse of the seating upholstery lends the whole sofa a highly modern edge that is complemented by the squat feet. It is definitely a piece of furniture that will make an instant statement in any space.



8. Do Lo Res



If you are a fan of the unconventional and enjoy unique ideas, then you will be totally attracted to the design of the Do Lo Res. The quirky and stylish design of this sofa consists of a cluster of multicolored fabric sections. All of these sections have different heights, and coupled with their vibrant colors, they deliver a truly stand out design. The technical aspects of this sofa are just as impressive as its visual ones. Its base is made from sturdy painted plywood while the feet have been made from polypropylene to deflect all dirt and grime. The seating modules are made from wood, and are upholstered in Flame-Retardant Injected Foam. It is truly a contemporary masterpiece in every facet.



9. Home Sweet Home



If futuristic but compact is the kind of sofa you are looking for, then the Home Sweet Home would totally attract you. Shaped like a space-age capsule but featuring a totally comfortable sitting area, this sofa is a contradiction of various styles blended in a harmonized manner. It can make an excellent statement piece when placed in the center of your living room. Just like its visuals, its make is also very sturdy and durable. The outside is HDF coated and varnished. The interior is clad with PU-foam upholstery and covered with leather. The artful blend of materials delivers a pretty neat articulation of the overall design.



10. Chill Out



The Chill Out seating system may look conventional on the outside, but it is quite unique. Featuring pixel-style tufted upholstery in high quality fabric, it can be articulated in different colors and patterns. The metal side table is a beautiful accessory that adds a functional edge to its modern-contemporary design. It is metallic lacquered and great for both decorative and functional purposes. The L-shaped backrest is perfectly primed for providing a great place to comfortably lean back. You can even decorate it with small baubles and trinkets, or use it while working on your laptop or tablets.



11. Lava Sofa



Fluid design and cutting-edge in aesthetics, the Lava sofa is an award-winning furniture piece that many people admire. It features a highly sculptural form that is both aesthetically and functionally viable. Its highly intriguing design has flowing lines and is made from different levels of soft, upholstered seating mats and couch formations. This sofa can be used to lie down, recline, and comfortably work on. It also has movable backrests that enhance its comfort value and add more character to its shape. Its ultra-modern looks are definitely fabulous and statement-worthy!



12. Star System



Like capturing the soft contours of a galaxy into a physical furniture piece, the Star System is a very unique sofa set that would imbue your living rooms with whimsy, sophistication, and grace. The plush backrest is studded with asymmetric tufting and merges neatly into a comfortable and uninterrupted seating area where you can easily lie down, lean back, and just relax. It features a very unique design, and is perfectly primed to be the statement piece of your living room.


13. Sitscape



This parametric seating is an anthropomorphic wonder and has been specially crafted to accommodate six common relaxation positions. What’s even more innovative is that the articulation of this concept allows seamless transition between all these positions. So, whether you like sitting with your legs crossed or simply prefer lying down, this unique sofa set has got you covered. The parameters for unexplored possibilities are uncharted in the design of Sitscape, and it can even open new avenues of interior designing for us.



14. Purity



The unexpected unique design of the Purity chair provides beautiful aesthetic and comfortable functional aspects. It was designed by Scott Wilson and features a very distinct blend of materials. Majorly comprised of a metal structure with a rounded back and a seat made from polyurethane mesh, you’ll enjoy the customized blend of relaxation, transparency, and easy looks with its designing.


15. Accelerator Sofa




Designed by Phillip Grass, this sleek, sexy, and futuristic sofa is the epitome of stylistic and charming. With armrests shaped like large jet engines and a main body that exudes an uncharacteristic delicacy, the homogeneous aesthetic of this unique sofa never fails to make an impression. The white upholstery and minimalistic designing of this piece is very versatile in both looks and functionality. It can be featured in a number of interior design settings as a contrasting and eclectic statement piece.



16. Yang Sofa



Minotti might be a 70 year old furniture brand, but their ideas are just as decadent, luxurious, and artful as they ever used to be. The beautifully simple configuration of the Yang sofa is a testament to that. Brimming with unconventional rhythm and a purposefully streamlined design, the original design is as leisurely as they come. It is paired with different ottomans that can be positioned according to the dimensions of your space and provide a practical working surface amidst the plushness of the sofa. The architectural concept is offset by the posh upholstery, and provides a beautiful and charismatic aura to any room that it is furnished in.



17. SKiN Sofa



Shaped like a sofa with the context and conceptualization derived from the flexible contours of human skin, the SKiN sofa is definitely one of a kind. Designed by the French architect Jean Nouve, it consists of a support structure in tubular pretensioned steel. This, in turn, holds another structural element and double-sided leather with self-modeling geometric incisions. The unique aesthetic of the SKiN sofa is both innovative and technically illustrious. It’s also very bold – almost sculptural – and can make any interior design it’s featured in feel highly futuristic and amazing.



18. Croissant Sofa



Luxurious and elegantly understated, this unique sofa set can be dual used both indoors and outdoors. Like its namesake, it’s shaped like a croissant and emulates a very chic structural beauty – akin to an artsy sculpture. The distinctive shape of this sofa is made from abaca or polyethylene over a hand-sculpted, powder-coated steel frame. It emulates a very exotic look and has the ability to imbue any setting with unfettered lushness and grace.