17 Easy to Make Deco Mesh Wreath Ideas

March 20, 2018

17 Easy to Make Deco Mesh Wreath Ideas

While mass-produced decoration items have quickly carved themselves a place in the mainstream, there’s just something about home-made items that has a special place in everyone’s heart. They’re zany, personalized and tailored exclusively. These qualities set home-made decorations apart from the others. And now that a number of festivities are just around the next year, how about you try to learn some DIY craft-stories that will make some fun handwork projects for you and your family. Deco Mesh Wreaths are fun alternatives for the usual wreaths that you can add some quirky personal touches to. Below, we’re going to be looking at 17+ ways on how to make some beautiful, excellent quality and festive deco mesh wreaths! Take a look, find what you need and have some fun with these projects!

1. Sunburst Deco Mesh Wreath

Looking for something witchy and bright? Then the Sunburst Wreath would be perfect for you. Here’s how you can make it:

Sunburst Deco Mesh Wreath

You will need:

- 10" Orange Deco Mesh- 10" Black Deco Mesh

- 10" Black/Orange Striped Deco Mesh

- 12" Box Wire Wreath Form,

- Black Chenille Stems and some wired ribbons

- Three different wired ribbons (optional)

- Tinsel Witch Hat (optional)

The first thing you have to do is get the form of your wreath ready. You can even buy a readymade one from the market, but customizing one of your own will help you place the mesh on the form better. You can get your form ready by looping chenille stems around the periphery of your work wreath to keep the mesh from sliding on the rings. Make sure to loop the stems around the two central rings.


After looping the stems, it’s time to cut your deco mesh. The colors of your mesh for the Sunburst wreath should be bright, yellowish, and vivid. So take a roll of 10” deco mesh and cut it into 6” long strips. Use these strips to make 10 pompoms of 9 strips each.

So if you’re using three colors to make 10 pompoms, each one would have three strips of different colors. You can adjust the math according to the number of colors you’re using. There’s no rule to compiling the strips in your pompom. Just make it random so that it looks effortlessly ruffled.


After making all of your pompoms, you can attach them onto your wreath form. Fill in all the gaps by adjusting the deco mesh, and you’ll get your very own beautiful Sunburst wreath.



  1. Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath

Christmas wreaths are as commonplace as they are beautiful. Here’s how you can make one of your own.

You’ll need:

- Wreath form (either homemade or store-bought)

- 10 pipe cleaners

- 6” red and green deco mesh ribbon rolls

- Mini decorative tree ornaments.

You’ll start by taking the pipe cleaners and using them to hold the deco mesh floufing in place. So start by tying one end of the mesh on the outer ring, then flouf a gentle curve all the way to the inner ring and secure it.

Repeat this process all around the wreath form 5 times to get a general base.

Now repeat this process on adjacent rings of your wreath form to get a full base. You’ll need to take care of the long ends of your pipe cleaners so make sure that the knots tying the deco mesh are secure. Then carefully flip your wreath form and tie the long ends of the pipe cleaners all the way around.

After that, flip back your wreath form and fluff up the deco mesh to your liking. Now it’s time for the fun parts! Pull out all of your mini ornaments, pick where you like them on your wreath and glue them in place. This way, you get to customize your wreath decoration and add personal touches to your Christmas décor!

Sources: http://www.bigbearswife.com/mini-christmas-deco-mesh-wreath-tutoria/

  1. Multi-Color Deco Mesh Wreath

Using different hues and tints of the same color would definitely give your deco mesh wreath that extra oomph. So here’s how you can make one of your own:

We’re going to be looking at different shades of blue, so you’ll need to procure blue deco mesh in various tints and patterns, a wire wreath form, light blue craft paint, some chenille stems and some ribbons and ornaments.

You will need:

- A solid color light blue deco mesh roll (21" x 30')

-A solid color medium blue deco mesh roll (21" x 30')

-A patterned deco mesh roll (10" x 30')

-a 19" wire wreath form

-a package of light blue chenille stems

-light blue craft paint

-various ribbons and embellishments

First off, paint your wreath form a light blue so that the base doesn’t show from under the deco fabric. After that, take long pieces of chenille stems and evenly place 7 strips around the outer ring of the wreath form. Now bend them into a ‘V’ form so that one arm is on the front of your wreath form while the other is at the back. Then hot-glue the junction of the ‘V’ to set it in place.


Now alternately place 7 chenille stems into the inner circle of the wreath so that they are in between the 7 stems on the outer ring. Bend them into a ‘V’ like before and hot glue the junctions.

Now pull out your deco mesh, leave about a foot of the tail end loose and secure the first knot at the outer ring. Create a large, fluffy pleat, then secure its end at the next chenille wire on the outer ring. Repeat this process until you’ve got an entire, fluffy circle around the outer edge of your wreath form. Now repeat this process for the inner circle of your wreath form.

At this point, you’ll have a basic form of your end product. After, you can break out the next shade of blue and repeat the same process for this one as well. You can get creative with your weaving and create pleats between the inner and outer circles alternatingly. Similarly, you’ll weave in a third layer of patterned blue deco mesh.

Then it’s time to add in some accessories of your liking. You can attach teddy bears, small ornaments and even weave in a fourth layer of ribbon if you feel like adding some more texture.

The end product will look absolutely gorgeous, three dimensional and beautiful.


  1. Baby Pink ‘It’s-a-Girl’ Themed Mesh Ribbon Wreath

Looking for a deco mesh wreath for a ‘Baby Girl’ themed baby shower or nursery? Here’s how you can make one of your own!

You’ll need:

-A circular wreath form

- Pink chenille stems

- Ribbons

- Pink deco mesh and some paper made baby outfits.

First of all, you’ll have to paint your wreath form to match the color of your deco mesh so that it ends up looking wholesome. After that, cut your chenille stems into shorter pieces and evenly space them around the inner ring of your wreath form. Bend them into a v form so that one end is at the back of the wreath form while the other is at the front. Hot glue the stem at the junction.


Now unwrap your deco mesh and leave about a foot of tail and strap it to the first chenille stem of your inner ring. Then create a poufy pleat and attach it at the next chenille stem. Repeat this process until you have a completed a deco mesh circle for the inner part of your wreath form. After that, attach a second row of the deco mesh to the outer ring of your wreath form in a similar process.

If you want to add some extra oomph to your mesh design then you can even weave in some pink, patterned ribbon around the wreath form with the chenille stems. After that, it’s time to break out the paper baby outfits and stick them to the deco mesh with hot glue!

The end product is truly enchanting!

  1. Valentine themed deco mesh wreath

Looking for something personal and pilled with love for your special someone? Here’s a beautiful valentine deco mesh that will make your day!

You’ll need:

  • A heart shaped wire wreath form.
  • Red and pink deco mesh
  • Chenille stems
  • Patterned pink ribbon
  • Accessories

You can start by painting your wreath form a pretty pink to match the color of your deco mesh. It’ll keep your wreath from showing the actual form of the wire frame from underneath its transparent body.

After that, cut some strips of your chenille stems and evenly place them around the outer rim of the heart-shaped wire wreath frame. Bend them in a V shape so that one end is at the back of the wreath form while the other is at the front. Hot glue the junction of the V to the wreath form.

Then pull out your red deco mesh, leave a foot long tail and attach it to the very lowest of your chenille stem. Create a small puff that closely follows the shape of the heart wire wreath form and secure it with the next chenille stem. Repeat this process until you’ve covered the entire outer ring of the wreath form.

Now pleat some fluffs of deco mesh into the inner ring of your wreath form through a similar process but with pink mesh. To give the wreath some extra volume, you can weave some ribbon and red deco mesh into the central rung of the wreath form through the chenille wire process.

You’ll have to make the puffs less fluffy in order to fully articulate the form of the heart shaped wreath form. You can add some ornamentation if you feel like it, but simple deco mesh will look even more elegant.

  1. Two-Toned Mesh Wreath

Want some festive wreaths for every occasion? You can customize them with two colors of deco mesh that represent the tone of your occasion.

Here we’re going to show you how you can create a two-toned deco mesh wreath in an easy way. You’ll need:

  • Two colors of deco mesh (21”)
  • Wreath form
  • Chenille stems
  • Mini decorations that suit the occasion

Start by cutting your chenille stems and arranging them evenly along the outer ring of your wreath form. Bend them into a ‘v’ and glue the junction to the wreath form. Now take the very first of your deco mesh colors (possibly the darker one) and secure it to the wreath form by tying the chenille stem. Create a large puff like an accordion and bunch it up to 10” before securing it to the wreath form with the next chenille stem. Keep making these puffs around the wreath form evenly with your deco mesh.


You don’t have to measure out the length of each puff – just eyeballing it would be enough. You can even adjust it after you’ve completed the outer circle of your wreath form.


You can do the same with the next color. Just create accordion like puffs and weave them around the inner circle of your wreath form. After you’re done, you’ll get a two-toned deco mesh wreath base that you can further embellish with accessories of the occasion.


Since this particular one is Halloween themed, it comes with Spider Jingle Bells and a ‘Boo’ sign in the middle.

  1. Red Mesh Wreath

An every-occasion wreath is the best kind of a wreath – and since red is particular favorite of most people, here’s how you can make your very own Red Mesh Wreath.

You will need:

  • 21” wide dazzling red deco mesh
  • a coat hanger
  • Scotch tape

We’re going a little more domestic with the design of this particular wreath, so aside from the mash you wouldn’t even need to go shopping for accessories.

Let’s start! You’ll have to get out an old wire coat hanger that will have to be bent into shape. You’ll have to stretch it out and use some needle nose pliers to snip off the hook. Use scotch tape to join the loose ends and you’ll have your very own homemade wreath form!


Now, break out your 21” red deco mesh and unroll it. Start by taking one end and bunching it up in an accordion pleat, then secure it tightly by rolling some scotch tape where the puff ends. You’ll have to attach the end of this pleat to your hanger wreath form with some tape and make sure it doesn’t move or come off.


Then take the other end of your accordion pleat, bunch it up into a puffy accordion form and tape the end tight. Now take this one and carefully secure it to the hanger form as well. Now, the trick here is to squish the second puff tightly against the first one to create a fluffy form.


Repeat this process until you have covered the length of your wreath form. If your scotch tape isn’t holding up then you can even use wires or chenille stems to secure the mesh to the hanger form. When the entire frame is covered, the front will take on a beautiful red wreath form, but you’ll still be able to see the scotch tape from the back.


But it’s okay; those will definitely be hidden once you put the wreath up on your door!

The best part about this particular wreath is that it can be made in any color you love!

  1. Pink and White Mesh Wreath: http://www.justmeandmyrunningshoes.com/2014/01/diy-creating-deco-mesh-wreath.html

It seems that pink is a color that can be used for several occasions – be it a baby shower, a birthday party or even valentines! – and white is the perfect complementary hue for it. So below we’ll be looking at how to make a DIY pink and white deco mesh wreath.

You’ll need:

  • 6” wreath form with tinsel ties
  • Chenille stems
  • Deco mesh in pink and white
  • Some wired ribbons
  • Pretty accessories!

Start by carefully examining your tinsel tie wreath form and set it facing upward so that the wire pieces face towards you. Now unwrap your deco mesh – you can use the white one for the outer ring.

You’ll have to grab the starting edge of your mesh and leave a small tail end to begin your pleat. The tail would be left out on the wreath form.

Start by choosing a location for weaving your wreath on the outer ring of the wreath form – it could be anywhere so don’t sweat a lot about it. After you’ve decided on a starting point, you’ll have to twist the wreath wire about ten inches from the tail end very tightly – twist double if you have to!


Now use about 8”-12” of the full end of your mesh to create an accordion-like pleat and secure it to the next part of your outer ring. You don’t have to exactly measure out the length – just go by your instinct and some good old fashioned eyeballing. You’ll continue to loop the pleats around the outer ring until you’ve completely covered it up.


Now use the same process for the white colored deco mesh for the inner ring of your wreath form. There will be some overlap of the inside and outside of the ring, so don’t panic when that happens.

After that, it’s time to break out the ribbons! Measure out your ribbons and secure them around the form with the wire ties. Then you simply have to hot glue pretty decorations on your wreath to get that super end result!


  1. Patriotic Mesh Wreath Tutorial

Yes, there is a wreath for every occasion and 4th of July is no exception! Learn how you make yourself a beautiful patriotic wreath below!

You’ll need:

  • 10” deco mesh rolls in red and blue each
  • Chenille stems
  • A 20” wreath form
  • Patterned ribbons
  • Small Patriotic Ornaments

First off, you’ll take your wreath form and knot your chenille pipes around the outer ring with even gaps in-between. Make sure that the knot is small, and there is plenty of length still left to make several more. This is more durable than using hot glue. Next, you do the same for the inner rung of your wreath form.


Now take the both the red and blue deco mesh, tie their tail ends together, and start weaving them in an accordion-like pleat in the outer ring. Each pleat is about 10” long so you can eyeball the distance between each weave around the outer ring. Repeat the same process for the inner rung, and you’ll get the basic wreath form down pat.


After that, it’s time to break out the decorations. We’ll start by weaving in the ribbons around the deco mesh wreath base you just created. The loose ends of the chenille pipes would still be able to knot around the ribbons easily. So use the same pleating pattern to weave the ribbon in loose loops around the deco mesh form.


You can trim the excess chenille stem ends after. Now it’s time to hot glue the décor. You can add flags and other tiny patriotic decoration elements to make your wreath look more stunning.

This is a great décor idea for a fourth of July celebration party!

  1. Deco Poly Mesh Curly Wreath

Tired of the usual deco mesh wreath ideas? Here’s something new and different for you!

You’ll need:

  • 3 different colors of deco mesh rolls (21”)
  • A 2.5” roll of green deco mesh roll
  • A pencil wreath form (24”)
  • Acessories

The first step includes taking the three big bundles of your deco mesh. We’ll be assigning pink, white and purple colors to match the pictures. So what you do is, cut out 10” long strips out of each colored roll. They will automatically curl into themselves so you don’t have to worry about the rolling. Make sure to handle the mesh gently, as it starts to unravel pretty quickly at hard handling. You should cut out 12 rolls from each color; so you’ll get a total of 36 small rolls of every color.


Now take 2 of your 36 rolls – mix and match the colors as you wish – and starting from the outer rings, tie them tightly along the outer rim. Continue tying two sets of your rolls along the outer rim, and the end result would give you the basic form of your wreath. Carry out the same process for the inner ring of your wreath form. The end result would be a fluffy, curly deco mesh wreath.


Now all that is left is the embellishment. You can add glitter signs, curls and even small ornaments of your liking to add a personal flair.


The fun part about making this wreath is that you can have a lot of fun with its design. You don’t have to follow any specific rules – just be spontaneous!


  1. The Sunflower Wreath https://www.trendytree.com/blog/sunflower-ladybug-wreath-2016/

Love a little bit of spring in your décor? Well, then the sunflower deco mesh wreath would be right up your alley!

Here’s what you would need for supplies;

  • yellow pencil wreath,
  • 10” yellow paper mesh
  • 14” box wire wreath
  • Black twist balls

Note that the two wreath forms used for this wreath are to make the two colors stand out. The larger box wire wreath would be going below, while the smaller one would be used to make the main body of the sun flower. The 10” and 14” wreath forms are perfectly complementary in size, and anything bigger will just cost you a lot of time and money for almost similar results.


So we’ll start with the 14” box wire wreath and create the green leafy deco mesh petals first. Break out your green mesh roll and cut it in 10” strips. This will give you a perfect 10”x10” square. Now fold two opposite corners to that your mesh forms an inverted bow shape. Tie the center of this bow with some chenille stems and attach it to the outer ring of the 14” box wire wreath form.


You’ll get a petal like form. 4 petals to each quadrant of the outer ring will be more than enough to cover the whole box wreath form. Repeat the same process for the inner ring with two petal forms in each quadrant. This will give your leaves more volume!


After that, it’s time to break out the yellow deco mesh. But first, secure the 10” wreath form to the 14” wreath form with some chenille stems. After it is steadily secures, create the yellow petals from your deco mesh and arrange them around the inner and outer circle in the same way you did the green ones. The ratio of 4 petals per quadrant in the outer ring to two petals in the inner ring will remain the same. You’ll get your major sun-flower wreath form when you accomplish this successfully.



To fill the center, you’ll create a spokes wheel of sort in the central hollow by interconnecting chenille stems like a spider web. Now you can easily insert the twist balls in the center and secure them with your chenille stems.


Now all that is left is to add some spring decorations like fake lady bugs and glitter to complete this beautiful wreath!


  1. Autumn in wreath form!https://www.trendytree.com/blog/2017-autumn-wreath-bees-tutorial/

For all those who absolutely love the rustic beauty of the Fall season, this wreath idea is for you!

You’ll need:

  • 24” wreath form,
  • Brown and red deco mesh in 21” rolls,
  • Beaded garlands,
  • Textured ribbons
  • Some basic tiny ornaments to start this out!

This autumn wreath will be made with the usual ‘pouf’ method. So break out your wreath form, run the inner and outer rings with knotted ‘v’ form chenille stems at about 6”-8” intervals. Now break out the brown deco mesh, leave a tail lend of about 1’ and create a 6” accordion like pleat. Secure it to your first chenille stem on the outer ring. Create another pleat and do the same until you’ve got a pretty pouf-y outer rung decorated in brown deco. Repeat the same process for the red mesh and create the same pouf-y weave-pleat in the inner rung with in red.


Now bring in your beaded garland and ribbons. The garland would go smack in the middle of the wreath form and can be secured by using chenille stems. Now gather all of your artificial flowers, rusted leaved and other autumn themed ornaments in a beautiful bouquet and wrap the stems in a large ribbon bow. You can hot glue this to the side of your wreath to get the desired look!


This idea is simple, effective and extremely attractive!


  1. The snow-flake deco mesh wreath!https://deavita.net/how-to-make-a-mesh-wreath-tutorial.html

Want some winter wonderland in your décor; here’s how you can make your very own snow-flake deco mesh wreath!

You’ll need:

  • A wreath form,
  • Some baby blue sparkly deco mesh
  • Snow-flaked themed décor

First off, break out your blue deco mesh roll (21”) and unwrap it. You’ll have to leave a 1” tail end and create an accordion-like poufy pleat. Secure this pleat to the outer ring of your wreath form with some chenille stems, thread or even scotch tape. Now create another puff and weave it into the wreath form in a similar manner. Each puff is approximately 6”-8” but you have to squish these pleats together to create a puffy look for your wreath.


Depending on the size and volume of your puffs and pleats, repeat the same process for the inner rings of your wreath for. You can alternate the blue mesh material from sparkly to simple if you feel like it.

After you’ve got a nice, fluffy blue deco mesh wreath base, it’s time to break out the ribbons and ornaments.


You can loop the ribbon around the wreath form in the same way you looped the deco mesh itself. Just make sure to secure it tightly with the chenille stems. After that, you can add in some snowflake decoration to bring out that wintery vibe in your wreath!


  1. Cool Halloween themed deco mesh wreathhttp://howtomakeaburlapwreath.com/make-halloween-mesh-ribbon-wreath-video/

Yes, wreaths for Halloween are an actual thing! In fact they’re a booming trend that has websites lite etsy offering a plethora of ideas for sale. So here’s how you can make your very own, cool Halloween themed deco mesh wreath!

Here’s a list of what you’ll be needing;

  • A wreath form,
  • Chenille pipes,
  • sparkly grey deco mesh,
  • Some ritzy signs
  • Swanky Halloween decoration.

The first step here is to lay down your wreath form, unwrap your 21” deco mesh roll and start by rolling it out. You’ll have to loop the tail end into the back of the wreath form, secure it with a chenille stem knot and create a puffy pleat of about 6”-8” that you secure 6” away from the first knot. Create the pleat and knot it 6” away again. Repeat until you’ve covered the outer rim of your wreath form. You can either work with a single color, or two color simultaneously within the same loop.


If it doesn’t look fluffy enough, then you can add a second layer of pleats/weaves to the inner rings of your wreath form. After that, it’s time to get your Halloween décor and go crazy!

You can put a ‘BOO’ sign in the middle, hot glue some fake spiders and add any of your other tiny Halloween ornaments to the design! It will look absolutely great!

  1. The purple and green spring deco mesh wreath!http://howtomakeaburlapwreath.com/spring-wreath-ideas-make-deco-mesh-wreath/#_a5y_p=5130134

Want a deco mesh wreath that will complement your urban chic home design? Then this one would be right up your alley!

You’ll need;

  • A basic wreath form
  • chenille stems and some
  • green and purple deco mesh

The first step would be knotting chenille stems in a V form on the outer ring of your wreath form at approximately 6” intervals.

Then break out your purple deco mesh in a 21” roll and get moving. Unwrap the tail end, squish it inside the back side of your outer ring on the wreath form and secure it with the very first chenille stem you’ve placed. Then create an 8” accordion-like puff and attach its end to the next chenille pipe. Repeat this process until you’ve created a puffy deco mesh circle on the outer ring of your circle of your wreath form. Repeat the same process to create a purple deco mesh puffy circle in the inner ring of your wreath form.


Now cut up about 10” strips out of your green deco mesh. They’ll gently roll up when cut, but you can customize the tightness of each curl personally. You’ll need about 36 of these curled up green rolls. Then create a gap in the mesh circle of the outer ring and create a V knot with 2 of your rolls so the same all around the outer ring to create curly green rolls at irregular intervals. It’ll give your green and purple mesh some great personality.

For finishing touches, you can either weave some ribbon, or add some sparkly ornamentation – whatever suits your tastes!


  1. White-gold deco mesh wreath!https://deavita.net/how-to-make-a-mesh-wreath-tutorial.html

The perfect elegant blend for some sophisticated holiday cheer, this DIY deco mesh wreath is the epitome of elegant chic!

So you’ll need the usual essentials to get started;

  • A wreath form base
  • Chenille stems
  • Some white and gold deco mesh a 21” rolls
  • Christmas baubles and ornamentations for the décor

First off, you have to paint your wreath form white so that the black frame doesn’t show from below the transparent mesh design. After that, bust out your chenille stems and knot them around the outer ring of your wreath form in a V shape. You can also hot glue them, but knotting is more durable. Make sure that each knot is tight and 6”-8” apart from the next one. After that, it is time to break out your deco mesh rolls. It doesn’t matter if you choose the gold or the white one fist.

So take out your first roll, unwrap it, bunch up the tail end and secure it with your first chenille stem.

Then it’s time to start the pleating. You’ll take the open end of your deco mesh, assemble it into a 6” pouf and attach it to the next chenille stem on the outer ring. Keep creating and attaching these poufs until you’ve completely covered the outer edge of your wreath form. Then break out the second roll and repeat the same process to create poufy pleats into the inner ring of your wreath form.


In the end, you’ll get an elegant but festive looking deco wreath base which you can decorate with relative ornaments. You can even loop in some ribbons to ramp up the festive aura of your wreath. You can use tinsel, Christmas tree ornaments and even glass balls to get the right feel!



  1. The Cherry-Bomb retro deco mesh wreath! https://deavita.net/how-to-make-a-mesh-wreath-tutorial.html

Tired of the usual deco mesh wreaths? Try for something vintage, fashionable and completely eye-catching with this design!

First off, you’ll have to get your basics;

  • Deco mesh is some vivid, popping colors that watch the eye. Go with electric blue, cerulean, lime green and shocking pink to get that exuberant feel.
  • A wreath form
  • Chenille stems
  • Basic decoration paraphernalia

We’ll start by taking the wreath form, and knotting up chenille stems on the outer ring in V forms at 6” intervals. After that, break out your brightest color – maybe electric blue – and get started on creating the pleats for your basic wreath shape.


You’ll basically bunch up the tail end of your 21” deco mesh reel and secure it to your wreath form with a chenille stem. Then create an accordion-like pleat of about 6” and secure it with a knot at the next chenille stem on your outer ring. You will repeat this bunch-and-knot routine until you’ve completely covered the outer circle of your wreath form.


Now break out the next deco mesh roll in your bunch – maybe shocking pink – and weave it around the inner ring of your wreath form using the same process. The end result would be a pretty eye-catching deco-mesh wreath base that you can decorate with ornaments.

You can weave in some dull colored ribbon to create contrast and hot-glue some shiny ornaments to give it a true retro vibe!


You’ll have noticed by now that the process for creating every wreath remains quite similar. Yes, there are a few inconsistencies, but that only differ because there a lot of craft artists out there, and each have their own comfortable way to do things.

So we hope that you got to learn about some great deco mesh wreath ideas from this article and have fun creating one of your own!

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