March 20, 2019 5 min read

Whether you’re a fashionista with an overflowing armoire or an organizer with a need to compartmentalize every clothes piece, having a few key wardrobe choices always on hand is essential. This is why the ever-versatile freestanding clothing rack is coming back in to play. It’s very attractive, easy to handle, and looks pretty great in almost all types of room settings. Here are 15 inspiring pieces to get you started:

1. The minimal hanger rack


 Minimal hanger rack

This clothes hanger rack is the epitome of minimalism. It doesn’t really have any particular design element that sets it apart, but its entire look is incredibly statement worthy. It’s suspended from the ceiling on either end with durable wire-threads while the metal rod is used to hang clothes. It features a simple design that can be easily installed in any empty nook or alcove of your homes.


2. Keeping it rustic


Keeping it rustic

If you want to complement a rustic or Scandinavian style home space with some amazing pragmatics and cozy visuals then this wooden clothing rack would be a great inspiration. It has a very simple design, but the texture of the wood coupled with the metal sheen on the hanger creates a beautiful contrast that is sure to set your wardrobe apart from everything else.


3. Going hook and metal


Going hook and metal

This wall clothing rack is the epitome of chic industrial and has a huge personality. It may be simple in aesthetics, but the design is practical enough to hold several of your key wardrobe pieces like clothes, shoes, and even accessories with ease. The double-tiered shelf at the bottom really sets the bar high for functionality and the distressed finishes make it all the more charismatic.


4. Cozy and minimal


Cozy and minimal

If you’re not into clothes hanger racks that are sleek and sophisticated, then take a look at this gorgeous wooden masterpiece. Once again, the design is simple but the execution is totally awesome. The thick wooden holders at the side pair well with the holding shelf at the bottom. You can easily set it up in all sorts of rooms as it has a very versatile look.


5. Going chic


Going Chic

If you’re looking for glamour and understated elegance in your freestanding rack, then this pipe clothing rack would be a great inspiration for you. The slender diameter of the pipes coupled with the graceful styling creates a very unique amalgam of aesthetics. They’re not only beautiful but will also enhance your surroundings with a lot of panache and grace.


6. Experimenting with modern


Modernity is all about function, and so is this minimalist clothes hanger rack. Its slanting design is supported by a firm base while the wooden texture makes it seem very personalized. The frame has a single rod where clothes can be hung very precisely. It’s the perfect style to be featured in an ambiance such as Scandinavian or rustic.

7. Creatively minimal


Creatively minimal

It can be quite a challenge to find clothing racks that are simple, flexible, and feature an inherent beauty from the get-go, but this one is definitely it. The wide rectangular shelf at the bottom is perfectly primed for holding shoes, bags, and other accessories, while the vertically oriented hanger has been specifically designed to easily put your clothes on.


8. Into commercial territory


In commercial territory

This wall clothing rack has been inspired by its industrial counterparts and takes the minimalist look to a whole new level. With just three wooden strips installed on top of the wall, the flexible hooks on every surface create a very pragmatic effect. There are no pretentious design elements on this one – just an easy, versatile look that can complement every kind of ambiance.

9. Your introduction to industrial


Introduction to industrial

The industrial style is all sharp and edgy aesthetics, and this pipe clothing rack captures the best of it all with its unique making and stunning visuals. The hanging rack at the top is where you can keep all the clothes while the two-tiered shelf at the bottom is where you can store all your miscellaneous accessories in a basket.


10. Like a bookcase


Like a bookcase

If you want inspiration for a clothes rack that is mobile then this garment rack on wheels is a great option. It’s designed based on the classic industrial style – casters, metal pipes, distressed wood, and all. It’s perfectly primed to adapt into all sorts of settings and has a very versatile storage system that beats all conventional wardrobes.


11. Slenderness in consideration


Slenderness in consideration

The slender top frame of this clothes hanger rack is in complete juxtaposition with its heavy-set bottom. While the upper portion is deliberately high to accommodate the longer clothes, the lower half has been designed to accommodate spacious storage. It’s all very neat, sophisticated and elegant with a touch of distressed rustic-industrial that can suit all kinds of interior ambiances.


12. The cat-walk style


The cat walk style

If you’re into industrial-minimalism then this pipe clothing rack inspiration would be right up your alley. It’s very classy and chic with an edgy metal accent that can complement any and all settings with ease. It has a very flexible design that can be used to stylishly hang clothes of all lengths. The effortlessly simple design can also be complemented by a backdrop of any style – be it an exposed brick concoction, a plain painted canvas, or anything that you like.


13. Fashion on the move


Fashion on the move

If you like experimenting with different looks, then this garment rack on wheels will be your perfect companion. It’s very compact, has a versatile hanging system for all kinds of clothes and accessories, and can be easily maneuvered from one place to another with its easy-roll casters. You can place it next to a feature length mirror or a dressing table depending on what you need it for.


14. Dresser companion


dresser companion

If you’ve ever had a mess next to your dresser thanks to your fashion-forward ways, then this clothes hanger rack is going to be your perfect companion. With its effortless style and graceful material choice of metal pipes and wooden base, this rack can easily fit in all kinds of ambiances. It’s also compact enough to suit small spaces really well.


15. adapting to every lifestyle


Adapting to every lifestyle

If you feel that a simple clothes hanger rack cannot contain all of your things, then check out this system. It not only has a very versatile rack system, but also has base storage shelves where you can hurriedly stow things away by folding them up. It also has a crafty wood-and-black-metal material scheme that can complement all sorts of ambiances