October 19, 2016 4 min read

Bookcases and shelves are an inherent interior design element that can make or break our home aesthetic. Without these, our walls look absolutely incomplete, and with them, you have so many opportunities to let out your creative side. So whether you want to dress up your accent wall with an extra oomph or whether you simply want to spruce up the plain parts of your interior design, here are 10 modern bookcases and shelves for your inspiration.


See-through shelves and bookcases are usually installed as partitions, or they can even frame a door. They’re classic because they allow for some distinct transparency in your spaces while providing you some great opportunities to tinker with the design. The see-through bookcase in this image is a great example of how you can make your spaces visually connected in an artistically relevant way. You can either go for a simple design like this one, or even customize the style of shelving to suit your needs.

Interchanged by design

If you’re searching for an idea that would catch the eye and keep it moving at the same time, then this narrow bookshelf would be the perfect inspiration for you. Set against the backdrop of a neo-classical themed design, the rustic integrity of its style looks absolutely stunning and trendy. The symmetrical shelving is perfect to feature small trinkets, books and prized possessions. It also features a lot of personality and character, along with an aesthetic versatility that’ll suit any interior style.

Floor to ceiling

Floor to ceiling shelves and bookcases are the greatest way to create attractive accent walls that can be used for pragmatic purposes as well. You can customize the size and style of such shelving according to your needs. These usually tend to act as a backdrop to a stylish seating arrangement, like the one featured in this image. This feature-length bookshelf looks absolutely stunning with its compact, boxy storage units and the foreground of stylish, modernistic furniture to set it off even more.

Cloudy with a chance of asymmetry

This feature accent wall shelf is an absolute stunner. Its large girth and customized designing looks positively epic and takes up an entire wall. It also consists of all sizes of shelving units, and this unfettered asymmetry is what makes it even more gorgeous. You can feature all manner of objects inside these shelves, be it books, accessories, everyday essentials or prized trinkets – just make sure to contrast the color of the shelf with whatever you might feature inside of it.

X marks the spot

This unique bookcase is dichotomous in its appeal – on the one hand it can be used as an awesome centerpiece, but it also make for an amazing partition wall as well. The giant X that marks the center of its design is incredibly attractive and allows for a distinct division of shelf- space. It can be used to feature any number of objects, be it books of decoration pieces, and you can be sure your interiors would have a heavy impact on anyone who ever lays eyes on it.

A splash of color

Who says bookcases and shelves all have to be black, white or boring woodsy? They can be fun and colorful as well – just take a look at this grey and yellow design. On the surface its design is pretty simple – just an equal division of boxes – but the artistic arrangement and color coding of the yellow units has lent it an amazing individuality that is brimming with uniqueness. You’ll definitely get an amazing centerpiece with this one installed in your accent wall.

Monochrome simplicity

This elegant shelf is one of the most graceful and sophisticated pieces you’ll ever get to see. It features a smart linear geometry that would redefine your entire aesthetic. It would make for a gorgeous accent wall piece and you can design customized hidden storage compartments inside all the vertical and horizontal lines. The middle can be used to feature a plethora of decorative objects, which make for some amazing attractions.

Traditional vibes

If you love traditional accents and want to incorporate some in your own homes, then this stylish bookcase would be the perfect inspiration for you. It features a trendy, delicately cut screen that makes for an amazing foreground for all the books and baubles stored within. If you’re looking for something that would make an instant impact on your surroundings while providing a classy edge, then this is it for you.

Classically in-built

The beauty of in-built shelving is that it provides you with some unique opportunities to personalize the design, and this one is no exception. It features a unique shelf style with rounded edges and gilded corners. Even the pairs blue backdrop makes for an interesting design element. It’s an inspirational design from which you can take inspiration from when you want something that is as creative as it is distinct.

Beauty in asymmetry

The lego-inspired design of this beautiful bookcase is definitely one of a kind. Each shelf unit inside it features a unique dimension that fits in well and complements the rest of the design quite artfully. If you are looking for a modern bookcase that would make an amazing backdrop to the rest of your interior design, then this one is definitely it.

These are some unique, trendy and stylish options that you can emulate while finding the best modern bookcases and shelves for your own homes!