10 Desk Lamp Styles & Their Qualities

October 24, 2019 5 min read

Desk lighting is an extremely important venture. You have to take both functional as well as aesthetic elements into considerations while choosing your fixtures. Sometimes, it just so happens that the fixture you like doesn’t have the kind of lighting that you want, and vice versa. But most times, you can easily find stylish modern desk lamps that can make your office and workspace feel incredibly stylish while providing great task lighting. Below, we’ve compiled a list of various desk lamp styles, so that you know what kind you’re looking for when you begin your search:

Midcentury Modern Style

mid century modern style desk lamp

Midcentury modern style emulates retro visuals with a modern twist, so of course the lamps designed in this style would capture such duality. Another tell of a classic midcentury modern desk lamp is that it’s very simple and straightforward in its design. However, you can still tell it apart from pure modern.

Many midcentury modern style desk lamps have curves or angles in their necks. Their bulb heads are incredibly stylistic. The base is usually flat and simple. The feature metal accents, but they’re always complemented with solid colors. Such lamps make an amazing statement piece in an office. They’re both functional as well as gorgeous pieces for desk lighting.

Vintage Style

 vintage style desk lamp

Vintage desk lamps have a stylishly old-school aesthetic. They feature modern convenience as functionality is concerned, but their design and overall styling is very reminiscent of the late 70s and 80s. Many of them feature wide-rimmed swivel heads and gorgeous metal accents on the neck and base. They provide excellent desk lighting conditions and are usually outfitted with contemporary light fixtures. They make beautiful decorations when not in use. But most of all, it’s their charismatic aura and personality that makes them so attractive to many desk lamp connoisseurs.

Retro Style 

retro style desk lamp

Featuring a little bit of funk and a lot of personality, a retro style desk lamp would build the character of your workspace. Many retro style lamps have a semi-vintage aura, but they’re mostly rather quirky. Their designs are incredibly distinct and you can find them in various shapes, finishes, and styles. A modern retro desk lamp would come with excellent contemporary light sources, so you don’t have to worry about delving back in the old ages just because you’re choosing a lamp style that represents a bit of every decade past the 50s.

Contemporary Style

contemporary style desk lamp

Contemporary style desk lamps are highly attractive and absolutely unique. The constant race to one-up one another in the lighting genre has resulted in many amazing designs over the past. You’ll find that most contemporary style lamps are structured for absolute convenience. Whether it’s adjustability of the head, neck, or even the light source, you’ll be able to find a contemporary desk lamp that features all. Pair your desk lamp with a comfy office chair to fulfill your complete work space.

The overall style and design of these lamps is timelessly trendy. They’re crafted to remain relevant for a long time, so many of them feature genuinely amazing designs. They provide excellent desk lighting. Some of them even have multiple heads, so they can accommodate different tasks. Moreover, the aesthetics of such lamps are always a mix-and-match of various materials and finishes. You can definitely find one that suits your needs both functionally and visually.

Rustic Style

 rustic style desk lamp

A rustic style desk lamp captures the unique aesthetic aura and timeworn beauty that goes really well with warm tones. Rustic lamps that provide excellent desk lighting – both task, ambient, and moody – are the best. You can find designs that feature beautiful rustic finishes. If you love artfully distressed designs, then you’ll definitely appreciate this particular desk lamp design. Rustic desk lamps are great for emulating both contrast and accents in an interior design. They’ll definitely help you make a visual statement wherever you decide to place them!

Modern Style

 modern style desk lamp

Pure modern desk lamps are a thing of beauty. They present all sorts of desk lighting adjustments in a single minimally-designed fixture. Their straight-forward designing and effortless beauty would make them a timeless addition to any work space or office. Modern desk lamps often come with classic metal finishes a la brushed nickel, chrome, and brass. They’re highly magnetic and pair gorgeously with most furniture types. They’ll look absolutely stunning as the statement piece of your work desk!

Industrial Style

 industrial style desk lamp

The industrial style is characterized by its sophisticated urban chic aura and a raw magnetic appeal. You’ll find many styles of desk lamps that fall under this category and look absolutely stunning for it. They provide excellent desk lighting of all genres and come outfitted with the latest light source that customers appreciate in the market. However, it’s their outward designs that really capture the eye and evoke an inherently stylish aura. Industrial style desk lamps mostly come in dark colors with very few or no metal accents or finishes at all. They’re great for camouflaging against decadent wooden desks, but also stand out starkly against modern office desks with white finishes.

Eclectic Style

eclectic style desk lamp 

Eclectic style desk lamps are quirky and feature designs that are a bit unconventional. They’re great for when you need ambient light. They work especially great for work desks that accommodate computer-oriented professionals such as gamers and graphic designers. Most of the time, their settings can be tweaked to provide gentle diffused as well as normal illumination. Because of their unusual shapes, these desk lamps would make a great statement piece in most workspaces.

Traditional Style

 traditional style desk lamp 

Traditional style lamps are suited for upscale offices where the interior design theme and work take similar amount of precedence. You’ll love the boldly understated vibe and timeless aura of traditional fixtures. While they’re not exactly like classic tiffany lamps, they do exude a sense of power and vintage glamour. They’re mostly used for both task and ambient illumination. They suit modern office designs as well – especially when you want to evoke shapely contrast within the space!

Scandinavian Style

scandinavian style desk lamp

Scandinavian style desk lamps are minimalistic, but with a twist. They typically feature some manner of wooden accents – mostly in the adjustable neck – and look incredibly stylish. They don’t feature many colors – in fact, black and white are the only hues that are used in a Scandinavia style lamp. These are usually incorporated either in the head shade or base. They complement the wooden additions beautifully and give this style a very distinct flavor!

So these are all the different styles of desk lamps that you’ll come across in your search. We hope now you’ll better understand what you’re looking for aesthetics-wise!