July 20, 2017 4 min read

Bathroom furniture is always the hardest to pick, mostly because you need it to be cognizant with your fixtures and bath tiles. But no matter how challenging it may be, you can definitely find some unique and amazing ideas that’ll help you spice up your bathroom aesthetic. Today, we’ve compiled a list of 10 classic bathroom furniture ideas that you get some inspiration from!

Into the future

If you’re looking for ideas of the in-built variety, then you should definitely check out this stunning suspended bathroom cabinets. It boasts a futuristic design that is sure to completely transform the face of your typical bathrooms. Moreover, each cabinet can be used to store daily essentials like towels, toothbrushes, shampoos, conditioners and more in a systemized, organized manner. You can even customized this idea according to the size of your bathroom – you can scale it up or down depending on your bathrooms dimensions.

Contemporary vanity

Vanities are usually the focal point of any bathroom, so you always need to pay special attention to their design. This sleek, sophisticated contemporary vanity unit is definitely something out of the box. Its wavy aesthetic and matt finish create a charming aura that will definitely become the focal point of any bathroom. Moreover, its edgy appeal can fit into a number of modern and minimalistic bathroom interiors in a seamless manner.

Old-school shelving racks


This shabby chic shelving unit is an old-school, tried and true masterpiece. So if you’re looking for a conventional yet eye-catching addition to your bathroom that will help you keep on top of the storage while providing some beautiful visuals, then this is it. You can even stow away some woven baskets inside to keep all of your daily essential systematically organized, and top it off with your favorite flower arrangement to keep things fresh and visually pleasant!

Plain Jane towel rack

Storing extra towels inside the bathroom is always a hassle because there’s usually no space, and you inadvertently end up putting them inside a cupboard. Well, with this simple yet creative idea, you’ll never have to worry about this problem again. This design of this suspended towel rack is essentially straightforward, and the beautiful wooden provides it with a timework patina that complements the colorful arrangement of towels beautifully.

Never out of toilet paper

Having no space to store some extra toilet paper in your bathroom – especially when it’s such a daily essential – makes no sense at all. This is why you need a creative bathroom furniture idea that will help you keep on top of this functional problem with some aesthetic integrity. This tall toilet paper storage unit is an amazing solution to all your storage woes. You can easily keep it stocked and even go for a DIY venture to construct it if you have the skills.

Go the extra mile

If you’re looking for a unique and creative vanity idea for your bathroom, then look no further. This eclectic masterpiece is all you need to add an extra creative oomph to your space. The bicycle stand makes for a distinguished base while the minimal vanity top remains a timeless classic. But the traditional rococo mirror and the gorgeous wall-lights that guard it on both side are what give the whole setting a truly holistic look. This bathroom furniture idea is for all those who love avant-garde ideas!

Rustic vanities for the win

Rustic style vanities sound so extra on paper, but if you look at this image, you’ll quickly realize how stunning they can actually be. The stone tops and vintage tap systems are the perfect complement to the distressed wooden finish of the cabinets. Moreover, the lighting and contemporary rococo mirror choices only enhance the whimsy of the overall ambiance two-fold. This is a great idea for those who want to go for themed bathrooms!

The minimal essential cabinet

Bath essentials are always a pain to store, especially when you’re working with a bare minimal of bathroom fixtures, so here’s an idea that can help you keep on top of your storage. This three-tiered bathroom shelf features a minimalistic design where each tier can be used to store different everyday essentials. With this, you’ll never have to worry about where to put all those extra towels, your ever-growing bath-bomb collections and even your morning routine paraphernalia without having to go unnecessarily frou-frou with the visuals.

Vintage vanity

If you’re a fan of the DIY craft and love using your hands to craft beautiful things, then this bathroom furniture idea is definitely for you. The vintage appeal of this vanity comes from a number of distinct and varying aspects – the metal bowls, the wooden towel handle, the retro tap and the stunning wooden backsplash coupled with the gorgeous flower arrangement in the corner. All of these design elements combine together to create a truly distinguished piece that has its own unique visual quality, flair and personality.

The bucket shelf

This is another DIY bathroom furniture idea for all decoholics who love some home-grown aesthetics in their spaces. The lip of the bucket has been carefully installed around two wooden planks, and the circumference provides a great visual quality to an otherwise simple design. However, it’s not only the apparent design elements that provide an attractive, eye-catching appeal – it’s actually the artful arrangement of all the trinkets and decoration pieces on the shelves that provide the whole thing an extra oomph!

So these are some of the most unique and beautiful bathroom furniture ideas that you can implement in your own space. We hope some of these can help you spruce up the aesthetic and pragmatic aspects of your bathroom.